American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

Rising Scholar Essay Contest

The American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (ACPQ) is pleased to announce its second annual Rising Scholar Essay Contest. Any scholar who will not have attained the rank of associate professor by August 20, 2014, is invited to submit a paper that contributes to the development or elucidation of the Catholic philosophical tradition. The winning essay will be published in the ACPQ and specially designated in the journal as winner of the contest.  

The author of a single-authored winning paper will receive a $500 award and a free one-year membership in the American Catholic Philosophical Association (ACPA). Each co-author of a co-authored winning paper will receive a share, equal to that of the other co-author(s), of a $500 award, together with a free one-year membership for in the ACPA. All co-authors of the winning paper must be below the rank of associate professor at the time of the submission deadline, August 20, 2014. Author(s) need not be members of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.  

Participants should keep in mind the following contest rules:

• Papers must be submitted by e-mail to by no later than 5:00 pm (CDT) on August 20, 2014. The accompanying e-mail should have as its subject line “For essay contest” and should include the author’s name, academic rank (as of August 20, 2014), email and street addresses, institutional affiliation, and an abstract of up to 150 words.

• Papers should be prepared for blind review and should be of the length, format, and style characteristic of ACPQ articles. Participants should consult a recent edition of the journal or the ACPQ Article Submission Guidelines and the ACPQ Style and Formatting Guidelines for Accepted Articles. The statement “Redacted for Blind Review” may be used in place of any material removed for the purposes of blind review (such as acknowledgments, statements of gratitude, affiliation information, or references authored by participant(s).

• No author may enter more than one paper in the contest. All individuals affiliated with or employed by the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota), e.g., faculty, students, and staff, are ineligible to enter (including UST-affiliated co-authors).

• Entering a paper in the contest constitutes agreement by all of the paper’s authors to its publication in the ACPQ should it be accepted for that purpose; such agreement is not contingent on the paper’s winning the contest. Papers entered in the contest must therefore not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

• The winning paper will be published in the ACPQ and will be specially designated in the ACPQ as winner of the contest.

• Notification will be sent by October 1, 2014, to those authors whose papers have reached the finalists’ stage. Authors not receiving such notification by October 1, 2014, may assume that their paper has not been accepted for publication by the ACPQ and should consider themselves free at that time to submit their paper to another journal.

• The author(s) of the winning essay will be notified by November 1, 2014.

Inquiries may be directed to

Final Selection Committee

John F. Crosby, Franciscan University of Steubenville

Jorge J. E. Gracia, SUNY-Buffalo

Janet E. Smith, Sacred Heart Seminary