Student Employees

Can I have all or part of my net pay applied to my UST bill?

  • A percentage or all of your net pay can be deducted from each paycheck and applied to your tuition account during the academic year.

  • To sign up for this deduction you need to complete the Student Tuition Payment Authorization Form at the beginning of each academic year.

  • You may make changes to the deduction at anytime by completing a new form.

  • If you wish to have part of your summer pay applied to your

    student tuition account you will need to complete a new form and indicate “Summer” at the top of the form.

Do I get overtime pay or holiday pay?

  • Student Employees will receive Overtime (time and one half) according to the Fair Labor Standards Act for all hours they work in excess of 40 hours in a week.

  • Generally Student Employees should not be scheduled more than 20 hours in a week so overtime is not usually a factor except during break periods.

  • Only Benefit Eligible employees receive holiday pay or any paid time off. Student employees are not benefit eligible employees.

How do I report my hours to Payroll?

Please see the Time Entry page for more information.

How do I report my time for previous pay periods?

  • If you are reporting time for previous pay periods submit all of your hours to your supervisor for approval. If you have access to enter your hours on a time sheet, please submit an amended time sheet for the hours that were missed. Instructions for submitting an amended time sheet are on the Time Entry section of the Payroll website. If you are using a time clock to record your time, please contact your supervisor. Amended time sheets will be paid in the next available pay period.

  • If you are not using a time sheet your hours must be detailed for each day of the pay period.

  • Your supervisor must approve the time sheet or email and either mail it to the Payroll Department at AQU 202, email it to, or fax it to Payroll at 651-962-6009.

  • Time received for a past pay period will be processed on the next available pay period in accordance with the deadline dates on the Hourly
    Payroll Schedule.

How will I know when my Student Employment Form is processed?

An email notification is generated the following day after a student employment form is processed by payroll. The email notification is sent to both the student and their supervisor.  Electronic Time Sheets cannot be accessed until your employment forms are processed. For additional information, please contact

What do I need to do to get paid?

The Student Employment process is explained on the Student Employment Web site.

Where do I turn in my employment forms and other payroll documents?

Who do I go to with paycheck questions?

Generally any member of the Payroll staff should be able to assist you, please send an email to and someone will reply within 24 hours. The Payroll Coordinator is responsible for processing the salaried payroll and staff information; their phone number is 651-962-6850.