Frequently Asked Questions - Residence Life

When will my daughter/son get her/his hall and roommate assignment?

If your daughter/son applied for housing (after being accepted at the university), information about which hall they'll live in and who their roommate will be is mailed to your permanent home address just before the Orientation and Registration process begins in July. The mailing also includes contact information about your assigned roommate.

Can arrangements be made to move in early?

Moving in before the Saturday of Labor Day weekend is strictly limited to those with prior approval and well established need. This is due to the heavy use of residence halls for summer conferences and the need to get them cleaned and ready for student residents in the fall.

Some upper class students return early to help prepare for the beginning of the semester. Athletes involved in fall intercollegiate sports and participating in organized practices also may be approved to return early. Those who move in early are usually given their permanent room. Members of the football team are housed together for about ten days during their fall camp and may have to move again into their regular room at the end of the camp.

Information with specific move-in times will be mailed to students at their permanent addresses.

Can my daughter/son bring a microwave or refrigerator?

Yes, but some restrictions apply.
- Microwaves should be 900 watts or less.
- Refrigerators should be no larger than 5.5 cubic feet or taller than 35 inches.

Combination microwave ovens and refrigerators are provided by the university in John Paul II, Murray and Grace halls.

Can my daughter/son build or use a homemade loft in her/his room?

Homemade Lofts are not allowed to be constructed. For further information regarding this question see page 11 of the Residence Life Handbook, and other questions please visit the Residence Life website:

Can my daughter/son use a calling card for long-distance calls?

Yes. You'll need to follow the directions supplied by your calling-card company. However, students are given a long distance authorization code and most students find that the long-distance rates offered by the university are very attractive. Long distance costs are billed monthly to your student's account.

What electrical appliances are allowed?

The Residence Life Handbook, page 10, provides clear information about which appliances are acceptable

What happens if my daughter/son doesn't like her/his roommate?

We encourage students to carefully complete the roommate assignment materials provided during the housing application process to help ensure the best match possible to begin with.

If your daughter/son does have problems, they should contact their residence hall director during the week that includes the second Monday of classes to discuss their options.

Be aware that housing options are very tight during fall semester. It's usually best to try to work out any problems in their current room situation. Open communication will help.

What if my daughter/son needs to stay on campus during breaks?

All of the Residence Halls are open through the academic year; however, students MUST register with their hall director to remain in the halls over break; they must also advise if they need to leave for a period of time during a break. Food service may NOT be available during breaks; students should be attentive to changes in service availability and prepare accordingly.