Frequently Asked Questions - Registrar's Office

May I change my daughter/son's mailing address? What is the impact of Proxy authorization?

The student is responsible for all personal information. The Registrar's Office must have something in writing from the student or an e-mail from the student sent to .


Proxy Information
University of St. Thomas (UST) students can authorize other individuals access to certain portions of their academic records. These individuals are known as proxy users. Through UST Murphy Online, students have the ability to select, from a list of authorizations, which pieces of information their proxy can view. Information given to the proxy will be available in “Read Only” format. The proxy will not be able to update any student information or request any written documentation via their Proxy Access. For further information: 

May I learn my son or daughter's final grades or transcript for the previous semester?

In both cases, the student may share this information with you or he/she may print the information from Murphy Online at

May parents of undergraduate students take courses for free?

Yes – through the Parents on Campus program, parents of full-time students may take undergraduate courses on a space-available basis. Contact the Registrar's Office at 651-962-6700 for more information or