Frequently Asked Questions - Information, Resources, and Technology (IRT)

If my student is living on campus and planning to bring a computer, what will they need to connect their computer?

Make sure your computer has a professionally installed Ethernet card, including drivers. (Drivers are the software required to let your computer use the Ethernet card.) Be sure to ask about this—some stores will install Ethernet cards for you but will not install the drivers! If you are buying a computer, we suggest you have the Ethernet card installed by the original manufacturer or the store where you purchase the computer.

Pick up our step-by-step instructions on connecting your computer to the campus network. Instructions will be available during move-in weekend in O'Shaughnessy Education Center (OEC), Lower Level, Room 8; they will also be available any time from the IRT Help Desk, Too in the basement of OEC, and on the Web. Most of our students are able to connect their computers to the network using these instructions.

Call us if you have trouble. If you have difficulty configuring your computer for the network, call the IRT Help Desk at (651) 962-6230 for help. More detailed information about getting connected to the network will be sent to students later this summer. If you will be purchasing a computer before arriving at UST and have questions about network specifications, you can also visit the IRT website: