On Campus Employment

To be eligible for any type of employment you must maintain continuous and lawful J-1 status. Students in J-1 status may begin working on campus once they have:

  • Completed a document check with an advisor at ISS. This is generally done as part of international student orientation
  • Obtain an authorization from an advisor at ISS

All students have the opportunity to seek employment on campus even if student employment is not awarded as part of the financial aid package. A wide variety of campus jobs are available to students who attend St. Thomas. For example, students may work as office support staff, food service employees, science lab assistants, residence hall desk attendants, and computer help desk staff. Student employment can be a wonderful experience and give valuable insights into various career areas and the American professional experience.

Income from a campus job can help students pay for educational and personal expenses. Student pay rates vary depending on the job responsibilities, but start at $7.00/hour. A student who works 10 hours per week at a rate of $7.00/hr for the entire school year can earn almost $2,300. Students can receive paychecks or have their earnings applied toward the tuition bill. Earnings from student employment are taxable income, but are not subject to the FICA tax, as long as the student is enrolled on a half-time basis or more.

Please be aware that student employment is not guaranteed. Students must obtain their own positions on campus. Available positions are posted on the Jobs at UST website. Most positions are posted at the beginning of the school year.

On-campus employment is limited to 20 hours per week during fall and spring semesters. During school vacations, students may work full-time (up to 40 hours per week).

School vacations include: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, January Term, Spring Break, and summer vacation.

Application Process

  • If you are a new student, complete a document check with an ISS advisor.
  • Visit Jobs at UST and find a job that you are interested in. Contact the person listed to see if the position is still available.
  • Ask for an application from the contact person and apply for the position.
  • Once you have been selected for the position, fill out an employment form.
  • Remember to obtain an authorization from an ISS advisor and that you are limited to 20 hours a week during the semester and 40 hours during the breaks.


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