On-Campus Employment

All students have the opportunity to seek employment on campus even if student employment is not awarded as part of the financial aid package. A wide variety of campus jobs are available to students who attend St. Thomas. For example, students may work as office support staff, food service employees, science lab assistants, residence hall desk attendants, and computer help desk staff. Student employment can be a wonderful experience and give valuable insights into various career areas and the American professional experience.
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Academic Training

J-1 Academic Training Form

Social Security Number

After obtaining and securing an on-campus job, students must have a social security number.

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Summer Employment Policy

Only UST students are eligible for summer student employment positions. Students eligible for summer student employment positions include:

  • current UST students
  • students graduating with Academic Training work authorization hired for UST staff positions directly related to their degree program. 
  • continuing another degree program at St. Thomas (new DS-2019 issued)
  • incoming students (eligible to work 30 days prior to DS-2019 start date)

Job & Tax Withholding

All international students must file income tax returns must file income tax returns with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) even if they have not earned any money in the U.S. and did not work. Students may benefit froma tax treaty between their home country and the U.S. For a list of countries and benefits of tax treaties, see an International Student Advisor.
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Brochure for Employers:  Hiring international students