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In Minnesota the legal age to purchase and/or drink alcohol is 21, and you must show your identification before buying any kind of alcohol. It is illegal to carry open containers of alcohol in public places like the street. In addition, the laws against drunk driving are very strict. DO NOT DRINK BEFORE YOU DRIVE. Not only is this dangerous to you and others, but you could also lose your license and go to jail.

Sexual Harassment (UST Policy Statement)

The University of St. Thomas is committed to maintaining the high standards of respect and civility that are both implicit and explicit in its conviction statement. This commitment extends to creating and maintaining a working and learning environment that is free of sexual harassment and that promotes personal dignity and equitable treatment of all members of the University community. Sexual harassment is a breach of that commitment, as well as a form of misconduct that may compromise the integrity of human relationships, can affect employee morale and performance, and can threaten the sense of security and well-being of all individuals. Sexual harassment can undermine the atmosphere of trust and respect that is essential to creating and maintaining a healthy working and learning environment. In recognition of this, the university has adopted a policy designed to investigate and resolve such claims in a direct and thorough manner while respecting the rights of all parties involved. To explore this topic with more details, please visit http://www.stthomas.edu/policies/undergraduate/policies/harassment/.

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