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Program Goals:

  • Enhancing the American cultural and social experience of international students
  • Increasing global awareness of the St. Thomas community
  • Instilling in students and families a stronger sense of belonging to the St. Thomas community


  • International students and UST community members (non- students)

Program Description:

Program Descriptions for Families

Program Description for Students

Program Application Forms:

Please fill out the following applications for our 2015-2016 academic year.

Family Application

International Student Application


" I consider Minnesota my home in the US because of my lovely Friendship Family! I am the only child in my family until I met the Duncans, now I have a little brother and sister!"
- Yun-Chen Wu (Tina) , Undergraduate Exchange Student, Taiwan

" Participating in the Friendship Family program has been an exciting experience for me. I have been given a first class ticket to travel the globe. My Friendship Family partners have shared their language, culture and passion to learn. This has been a memorable experience as I have broadened my horizons and made lifelong friendships."

- Artika Tyner, Law Faculty, Minnesota

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