Students Who Are Parents

This website has been designed for students who are parents at the University of St. Thomas. It is our hope to provide you with easy access to information that will help support you in your experiences both in and out of the classroom at UST.

University offices and departments linked to this site have specific and helpful information for you. If you are still not finding the information you need or would like to talk about a specific issue not listed here, please contact Josh Hengemuhle at

Housing Resources

A staff member in Off-Campus Student Services can provide a student with useful information about off-campus housing options around the area. Unfortunately there are no on-campus housing options for students who have dependent children living with them. Please call (651) 962-6138 for additional information. You can also visit our off-campus housing website. Off-Campus Student Services is located on the second floor of the Anderson Student Center, ASC 253.

Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office can provide a student with useful information. A financial aid counselor can help students with financial aid information and resources to finance a St. Thomas education. Please call (651) 962-5000 to set up an appointment with a counselor. Financial Aid is located on the third floor of Aquinas Hall.

Financial Assistance

The Business Office can provide a student with useful information concerning tuition payments. A counselor can help students plan methods of payment to finance a St. Thomas education. Please call (651) 962-6600 to set up an appointment with a counselor. The Business Office is located in on the second floor of Aquinas Hall.

Child Care Resources

The University of St. Thomas Child Development Center offers full and part time year-around programming to the children of UST students, faculty and broader community. It serves children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. Please call (651) 962-5040 for additional information. You may also be eligible for Child Care Grants. The Child Development Center is located on campus at the northwest corner of Grand Ave and Finn St.


The Academic Counseling Office can provide a student with useful information concerning scheduling and course emphasis. An academic counselor can help students plan classes around their needs. It is helpful to make a degree plan and plan several semesters ahead, because not all classes are offered each semester. Please call (651) 962-6300 to set up an appointment with a counselor. Academic Counseling is located in room 119 O' Shaughnessy Educational Center.

Health Services

Health Services can provide useful information to students about health concerns and health services. Please call (651) 962-6750 for additional information. Health Services is located in the lower level of Brady Hall.

Academic Support

The Academic Support Center can provide academic support to students. Many departments have tutors for introductory courses. Please call (651) 952-6317 to set up an appointment with a tutor. Other resources include the Writing Center, the Math Resource Center, the Academic Support Center, and Academic Counseling.

Diaper Changing Stations

There are convenient diaper changing stations in the Anderson Student Center. They are located in both the women's and men's restrooms on the first and third floors of the building. Parents can also use the family room on the second floor of the student center by reserving the space through Tommie Central.

Locations for nursing and pumping

On the Saint Paul Campus, there are a few places where nursing mothers have been comfortable nursing their children and aspirating milk for the future.

  • The Family Room in the Anderson Student Center, which is designed specifically for this purpose. For access, visit Tommie Central on the first floor of the building.
  • The women's restroom on the first floor of John Roach Center just outside of JRC 126.

On the Minneapolis Campus, there is a room available for mothers to use for lactation located at the back of the women's restroom on the lower level of the law school. It is a small room, but private, with a locking door. It is equipped with a comfortable chair, cabinet/side table, fold-down diaper changing table and small refrigerator.

Funding Assistance to Aid Students with Child Care

The Post-Secondary Child Care Grant Programs helps low income undergraduate students who have young children pay for child care while the student attends classes. Information about this grant can be found at the Financial Aid website

Illness of a Child

It is important that parents understand the attendance policies on their course syllabi. If parent needs to miss a class due to their child being ill, they should contact their professor immediately to notify him/her of the reason for their absence.

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