The Newsroom is the online home to stories about the University of St. Thomas and the students, faculty and staff who belong to its community. It represents the convergence of news content (which formerly appeared in Bulletin Today) and five magazines –  St. Thomas, B., CAS Spotlight, St. Thomas Lawyer and Perspectives — as well as other sources. By centralizing news and feature-story content in one place, the Newsroom provides a better-informed portrayal of the scope and depth of the work being done at the university.

St. Thomas always has placed a high priority on  delivering timely and accurate news. As early as 1946, news and events were announced in a one-page memo published by the President’s Office. The “yellow sheet” for students and “green sheet” for faculty and staff appeared in the 1960s. In 1988, both publications were combined in a printed newspaper, College of St. Thomas Bulletin, which appeared weekly. A daily electronic version, Bulletin Today, first appeared in August 1999.

As the home for news and information about St. Thomas, the Newsroom is the destination for honest and trustworthy content that will be available through up-to-the minute coverage.

For more information, visit the Newsroom.

St. Thomas Newsroom

St. Thomas Newsroom

For the latest news and information about St. Thomas, visit the Newsroom.