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From Computing and Communication Services

Maybe you’ve been wanting to learn the advanced features of Outlook; maybe you’ve been thinking about learning the basics of Access; maybe you’d like to learn Java or JavaScript. Members of the University of St. Thomas community now have a new option for technical training: computer-based training (CBT). CBT provides you with interactive training on your computer, leading you through modules that give you step-by-step instructions on the application you want to learn. Modules are self-paced, so you can skip over or skim course modules that cover stuff you already know.

CBT is now available at Instructions for using CBT at St. Thomas are at A full list of the online courses available is at Note: To access the list of course titles, you’ll have to supply your St. Thomas username and password in the dialog box. This verification step allows us to provide you with off-campus access to this software.

Available courses include beginning through advanced Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage, and Outlook; project management; Windows NT; advanced web authoring (CGI, PERL, Java, and JavaScript); UNIX; and computer networking. Check out the courseware page at for the complete list.

To use these course modules, you’ll have to download the CBT player software first (instructions are available on the Getting Started page). Then you can run individual modules on your computer. Each module provides a combination of text that you read and hands-on practice.

CBT can be used by St. Thomas students, faculty and staff. You can download the player and modules for use on both office and home computers. You also can download the player and modules to run on computers in the labs, although each time you log out, anything you installed is wiped clean — so you’ll have to repeat the process the next time you want to use CBT.

Unfortunately, CBT is available for PCs only. (Also, the modules are almost exclusively for PC applications, although courses on project management and advanced web authoring might have a more general appeal.) We are not aware of any companies currently designing computer-based training courses for the Macintosh. (If you know of such a company that you’d like to suggest, you can contact Tom Oscanyan at

If you have questions about how to download, install, or run CBT course modules, please call the CCS Help Desk at (651) 962-6230. If you have questions or comments about CBT more generally, you can call Tom Oscanyan at (651) 962-6240.

New resources available on InsideUST/Community Center

UST classifieds: Formerly known as the Community Bulletin Board, the Classifieds are a place for students, faculty and staff to post announcements and ads (for rent, for sale, general wanted, etc.). The interface has been modified to make it easier to see and post listings. Looking for a roommate, or a ride home? Try UST Classifieds.

UST community forums: This is an exciting new opportunity for students, faculty and staff to use WebBoard — a web-based conferencing tool — for discussing and debating issues community-wide. Anyone with a current UST user account may log-in to read or post messages. The Raker, a long-time forum for discussion at UST, has been moved here, and other conferences are available as well.



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