St. Thomas Activities and Recreation (STAR) seeks a new lectures intern to chair the University Lectures Committee for the 2000-2001 academic year. STAR is St. Thomas’ main event-programming board, which organizes and produces activities on and off campus.

The University Lectures Committee was created in 1997 to centralize all funding for lectures at St. Thomas. The goal of the committee is to organize lectures that promote the mission and educational goals of St. Thomas as well as promote a greater sense of community and a deeper understanding of diversity.

The STAR lectures intern recruits, chairs and provides leadership for the University Lectures Committee. With the committee the intern plans, implements and evaluates the University Lecture Series each semester. The intern and committee work cooperatively with other university departments and organizations to coordinate lectures by guest speakers. Along with these responsibilities, the intern works a minimum of 10 office hours each week, chairs committee meetings once a week and attends weekly STAR board meetings.

STAR needs suggestions of possible candidates for this position. Successful candidates will be freshmen, sophomores or juniors who are responsible, dedicated, hard-working and outgoing. They should be good at working with others and communicating in a professional manner. The lectures intern will be able to communicate and negotiate with lecture agencies and coordinate hospitality for guest speakers. If you can suggest names of qualified students who should be candidates for this position, please send their names to Emilie Arel at or call the STAR office, (651) 962-6136.

Elections will be held in February 2000 to select the STAR lectures intern. The selected lectures chair-elect will sit on the University Lectures Committee this spring to help plan lectures for fall 2000.



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