Based on requests received from approximately three dozen departments at the University of St. Thomas, final adjustments have been made to space assignments for the 2000-2001 academic year. A memo detailing these adjustments recently was sent to departments affected by the changes. Following is a summary of the major elements in space assignments for the year. If there are additional needs, please notify me at

  • Aquinas Hall, third floor: Offices for Institutional Research are Rooms 319-328, including the office of the Institutional Review Board; seven classrooms (three new, 302, 309 and 314, and four existing); Rooms 304 and 316 for the Business Office; Room 315 for a two-person office for the Registrar.
  • Loras Hall: Space vacated by the Geography Department will be assigned to the Art History Department, which will vacate the lower level.

The open rooms in Loras’ lower level then will be assigned to Computing and Communication Services to be used in conjunction with Rooms 5 and 6, Christ Child Hall, as transition rooms for computer leases.


  • 30 S. Finn St.: This building will be vacated by the English Department and is assigned to the Development Office, which will move from 2091 Grand Ave. and the Alumni House on the southwest corner of Summit Avenue and Finn Street. The parking lot behind Alumni House will continue to be assigned to Development.
  • Alumni House: This building will be used for storage until it is razed for a new facility.
  • 2097 Grand Ave.: Development Office staff will move to 30 S. Finn St., and 2097 Grand Ave. will returned to use by the St. Paul Police Department.
  • 2109 Grand Ave.: The Development Office staff using this facility will move to 30 S. Finn St. and 2117-2119 Grand Ave. The facility will be returned in its entirety to the undergraduate Division of Business and will be assigned by the division chair.
  • 2117-2119 Grand Ave.: This facility currently is partially occupied on the second floor by the Development Office; the remaining space in the building is assigned to faculty who will move to Albertus Magnus Hall this summer. The entire facility of 2117 and 2119 Grand will be assigned to the Development Office.
  • Foley Theater: The space currently used by the Psychology Department will be held in reserve by the university.
  • O’Shaughnessy Educational Center: Anderson Dale Architects and McGough Construction have nearly finalized plans for the renovation of the fourth floor for the Sociology and Economics departments. The Economics Department’s residual area on the first floor will be assigned to Journalism and Mass Communication Department. A few offices on the fourth floor will be assigned temporarily to Journalism. Room 453 will be split into a faculty lounge and a seminar room. Room 450 will remain a classroom.

Room 303, O’Shaughnessy Educational Center: The Journalism and Mass Communication Department has requested that this classroom be changed into a laboratory. If cost estimates are reasonable, and if at least five class periods can continue to be taught in the room, the request will be met.

Room 318, O’Shaughnessy Educational Center: Similarly, the Modern and Classical Languages Department has requested that this room be transferred into a language laboratory. This has been requested for a number of years. If cost estimates are reasonable and at least five classes can be scheduled here to relieve demands on other classrooms, the renovation will proceed.


  • 44 North Cleveland Ave.: This space will be assigned to the International Education Center when the faculty of the English Department, who now occupy Rooms 202, 205 and 208, move to Albertus Magnus Hall this summer. Room 203 will continue to be used by the English Department.
  • Room 212, Physical Education Center: The Department of Health and Human Performance has requested that PHY 212 be changed into a Health and Human Performance laboratory. If the cost is reasonable, the request will be met.
  • 2057 Portland Ave.: The Catholic Studies program has requested that the basement of the building be converted to offices. If costs estimates are reasonable, the conversion will proceed.
  • O’Shaughnessy Science Hall: Some interior renovations have been approved for office space assigned to the Quantitative Methods and Computer Science Department.
  • Owens Science Hall: Because of faculty expansion, the Physics Department had requested Room 162 as an office for adjunct faculty. Room 165B, which currently is used by adjunct faculty, will be assigned to the new faculty person. Room 162 has been scheduled for four class sections next fall, so alternate space is being investigated.
  • Minneapolis campus: The Opening Night or “White Building” at 1112 Harmon Place will be converted into an open office environment for Minneapolis campus needs, primarily those of the Graduate School of Business. The director of the Minneapolis campus will work the offices of the appropriate deans to assign this space as needed. Some space will be reserved in 112 Harmon for the current occupants of 1125 Harmon. By June we will know if 1125 Harmon will be removed.

1206-1208 Harmon Ave.: This facility will be used as campus storage and rental parking.

I continue to work with representatives of the School of Law and the Graduate School of Business for the establishment of temporary assigned space for the School of Law in our existing facilities until the new School of Law building is opened in summer 2003.


Office space assignment
is a very difficult set of decisions to make each year. There are many competing demands and generally insufficient space to meet all the demands. We hope most people will be satisfied with the decisions for next year.