graduation_capThis post is written by Evening UST MBA student Larissa Rodriguez, a full-time marketing and communications executive.

A funny thing happened recently. With only one core (Capstone) and one elective class left to take this spring, I suddenly realized I’m not so sure I’ve learned everything I want to yet! After all, there are a number of really interesting elective courses that dive deeper into finance, strategy, pricing, retail, economics, management — you name it — areas in which I have a strong interest for learning more. But like all things, the MBA program does eventually end; however, the learning doesn’t have to, nor should it, really. Fortunately, our opportunities for life-long learning are quite endless these days.

At some point post-commencement, I hope to come back and take the UST Opus College of Business up on its offer to let me attend a few additional business classes, even though I will have already earned my degree. I’ve heard many of my classmates talk about the breadth of elective classes they wish they could take, so I know I’m not alone in my desire to explore a few more business topics in-depth. As a result of my experience in the Evening UST MBA program the past two years, I no longer think about my MBA degree as “the end” of my educational journey. If we’re smart, we’ll recognize it as just the beginning!