ddlogo[1]I guess there is a first time for everything.  In the five years that I’ve worked at UST, I never heard of the Dean suspending the dress code.  When I first heard this, I immediately thought, “Oh, that’s just a rumor that one of the Full-time students started.  It can’t be true.”  Well, it’s not a rumor, it’s fact.

For one day only our UST MBA students can achieve their dream of wearing jeans and t-shirts to class without fear of retribution by the dress code police in “Dress Down Day.” By contributing to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Minnesota Chapter and showing support for the fight against these diseases, UST MBA students will receive a sticker to wear allowing them to avoid the usual business casual dress code and dress down on Thursday, May 5.

Full-time Faculty member John Sailors is a blood cancer survivor, and he brought the Dress Down Day initiative to the attention of Dean Puto.  Dean Puto has given it his full support, and we’d love to see the support the UST MBA community in this fundraising effort.

DDDinviteIn the spirit of Dress Down Day (and the more relaxed nature of the day), the Full-time UST MBA Student Life and Admissions team has planned a Cinco de Mayo Celebration for our students.  The lunch hour festivities will include chips and salsa, margaritas (non-alcoholic), “Pin the Taco on the Chihuahua,” a piñata and more!

The Dress Down and Cinco de Mayo Celebration is one example of how b-school doesn’t have to be stuffy.  The UST MBA community is coming together in support of a faculty member, a worthwhile cause and having some fun celebrating Mexican heritage and pride.