It’s time for faculty to place video, audio or CD-ROM media on reserve at the Learning Center (LC) for their students’ lab use this fall.

The center has multiple video viewing rooms and its lab computers are equipped with CD-ROM drives. There is one audio-cassette listening room, or students may request to have audi- tape reserves copied for them onto their own cassettes.

Faculty may check in their own media items or select from Instructional Support Services’ media collection of more than 3,000 titles; contact Kate Gerundo at (651) 962-6801 or visit ISS’ Web site at

The LC also is holding some orphaned media items left behind from spring term; faculty are encouraged to claim any items they may have forgotten.

Other LC services to keep in mind for fall semester are:

Software training
Specialized computer training for classes: LC trainers can work with you to design computer training that will fit the needs of your course, using Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, FrontPage) or scanning and graphics with PhotoShop. Instruction will be provided in the center or at a lab near you.

Weekly training sessions in the Learning Center: If you don’t have time in your class schedule for your students’ computer training or if you find some of your students need to brush up on their computer skills after being off for the summer, send them to the center. Training is offered six days a week, Sunday through Friday, on many of the Microsoft Office applications. For more information, visit the center’s Web site at

Computer classrooms
The LC has two computer classrooms available for faculty use. Each of the rooms is equipped with 17 computers (16 for students and one for the instructor), projection capability and high-speed Internet connections.

You may reserve either of the computer classrooms through Outlook. Using the calendar feature in Outlook, you can view the calendar for either lab to check its availability. Look at the folder for Learning Center Room 17 or Learning Center Room 18. To reserve the room simply schedule a meeting with either room, making sure to include:

Name of person reserving the room
Class for which the room is reserved
Date and time
Number of students

You automatically will get an e-mail either confirming or declining the meeting request.

For more information about the Learning Center media reserve, software training or computer classroom reservations, call Marie Morzenti, Monday through Thursday, at (651) 962-6847 or send e-mail to


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