Dining Services announces menu items available for those with special dietary needs:

  • The Grill and Food for Thought now offer gluten-free white and wheat bread as well as gluten-free wraps; request these itemsĀ from the server.
  • The Grill and C-store offer Silk soy milk.

Let Dining Services know if you have special dietary requests.

Due to a recent freeze in northern Mexico and southwestern United States, some fresh vegetables are not available at Dining Services locations:

  • Tomatoes may be served sporadically as new supplies become available.
  • Cucumber crops were frozen completely and are not expected to recover for four weeks.
  • Green peppers also were affected by the freeze.

Dining Services suggests trying other fresh vegetables available at the sandwich bar in The Grill: shredded carrots, spinach and pea pods. Green olives also have been added.

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