At the closing faculty meeting of the 1999-2000 academic year Dr. Carol Bruess, Communication Department, received this year’s award for outstanding faculty efforts in service-learning. In selecting Bruess for this award from among the nominees presented by the Faculty Advisory Board on Service-Learning, Dr. Tom Connery, academic dean, noted that Bruess has integrated service-learning into all of her courses. She has focused her scholarship in this area as well; Bruess has presented 11 papers at state and national conferences addressing the integration of service-learning into the communication curriculum. She received an “outstanding faculty” award from her discipline this year in recognition of her service-learning efforts. Finally, she was the University of St. Thomas nominee this year for the distinguished Erlich Award, the award given at the national level for outstanding faculty in service-learning. The UST award includes a check for $1,000 and is an annual award.

At the annual Honors Convocation May 14, two students received awards for outstanding work in service-learning. Julia Hatler was recognized for her efforts at St. Anne’s Shelter, a center for homeless women and their children. In addition, Hatler has worked extensively on developing a Web page for service-learning; preparing materials for faculty in the sciences and math areas; and organizing and preparing materials for the faculty workshop on service-learning.

Kao Lee Vang worked as the coordinator for the Mothers and Daughters Program at the Center for Asian and Pacific Islanders in Minneapolis and also was a language facilitator for Somali youth in an English-Language-Learning program at Roosevelt High School. Vang presented her work in a paper at the Midwest Sociological Society in Chicago and as a lecturer in an upper-division sociology class on the family. In addition, her experience was instrumental in gaining her a position in the American Sociological Association’s Honors Program in Washington, D.C. in August 2000.

The UST student award, given for the first time this year, includes a check to each student for $100 and is an annual award.

Solicitations for nominations are made in April. The Faculty Advisory Board reviews the nominations and forwards the top candidates to the academic dean, who makes the final selections.





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