Morrison Hall parking ramp hourly rates have been reduced during the evening hours. Previously, the cost to park in the ramp was $1 for the first hour or any portion of the first hour and 50 cents for each additional half hour. The rate has been reduced for those parking after 4 p.m.: New evening hourly rates are 50 cents for each hour or any portion of an hour until 2 a.m. Overnight hourly parking is not allowed in the ramp; only resident contract holders are permitted to park there overnight.

Hourly parking is available on the lower two levels (R2, R3) of the ramp. Depending on space, anyone who wishes to park there will be allowed access. The electronic pay-as-you-leave system offers three ways to park by the hour:

  1. Take a ticket at the entrance and pay by cash, Express card or credit card at the $1 pay station before returning to your vehicle.
  2. Swipe a credit card at the entrance and swipe the same credit card when you exit
  3. .

  4. Swipe any UST Express card with a balance at the entrance and again at the exit when you leave.
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