The Rev. Dennis Dease has approved the following recommendations for tenure and promotion by the Academic Council:

For tenure

  • Dr. W. Randolph Herman, School of Social Work
  • Dr. Bruce Kramer, School of Education
  • Dr. William Banfield, Department of Music and Endowed Chair in the Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Dr. Jeff Cornwall, Department of Entrepreneurship
  • Dr. Paul Lorah, Department of Geography
  • Dr. Patrick Van Fleet, Department of Mathematics

For tenure and promotion to associate professor

  • Dr. Simon Emms, Department of biology
  • Dr. Michael Hollerich, Department of Theology
  • Dr. German Pliego, Department of Quantitative Methods and Computer Science
  • Dr. Teresa Rothausen, Graduate School of Business
  • Dr. Diane Stoy, School of Education

For promotion to professor

  • Dr. David Brenna, Department of Marketing
  • Dr. Mary Anne Chalkley, Department of Psychology
  • Dr. Cathy Craft-Fairchild, Department of English
  • Dr. Douglas Dokken, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. Thomas Endres, Department of Communication
  • Dr. Joseph Fitzharris, Department of History
  • Dr. Meg Wilkes Karraker, Department of Sociology
  • Dr. Rawlie Sullivan, Department of Marketing

For promotion to associate professor

  • Dr. Stephen Lybrand, Department of Sociology

The recommendation of tenure and promotion signifies recognition by our colleagues of significant professional achievements, and so with them I say congratulations, well done and thank you.

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