How did China Avoid the Economic Freefall?

It has been very interesting to see so many of the major cities of China and see how much growth has taken place here. There are so many new skyscrapers! I know that this growth is not reflected across the whole country, but still while other countries have struggled during the recession, China has charged ahead.

Reporting from Taipei

I'm writing this from my hotel in downtown Taipei, just a few kilometers from the tallest building in Asia, Taipei 101.
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And In This Corner …

Susan Alexander loves a good fight, especially when our guy is right. The fight hasn't been in the boxing ring (yet … ), but the verbal sparring between engineering professor John Abraham and climate skeptics such as Christopher Monckton has been fun to watch and ­ in her case ­ even be a minor participant. Susan brings us up to date today in The Scroll.

International Student Perspectives

Today I am at the World MBA Tour fair in Shanghai. I met some great students in Beijing and thought now that it would be useful to share some student perspectives on the UST MBA program.

Travelogue: The Chinese Dichotomy

Throughout the next week admissions staffer Clark Gregor will be visiting Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong. Along the way he will be posting a few thoughts about business in China.
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But Will He Text and Tweet?

Dave Nimmer finds his aversion to the technology revolution both "stubbornly stupid and intriguingly insightful," so he wasn't surprised that he was scratching his head in wonder when he heard about a new Social Media in Communications course. He reflects on the course today in The Scroll.
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Why I Work at the University of St. Thomas

In August, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal named the University of St. Thomas one of Minnesota’s 10 best places to work in the large employer division. Very few educational institutions ever make that kind of list. How the heck did we get that?

Student Profile: Matthew Bruch

When it came time for Matt Burch to decide if he should pursue his MBA, he remembered his father’s advice that he should always “do his best.” Thus, with a wife and a new baby and a demanding position with HCMC, Matt began his MBA at the University of St. Thomas.

Jargon Genesis: Résumé

In French, résumé is both a verb, the past participle of résumer (to summarize), and a noun (a summary).

Ready, Set, Read!

First Book provides new books to children in need, addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy – access to books.
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Sasha the Wonder Dog

What's it take to get a two-year-old boy to eat? Cecilia Petschel was nearly going crazy with her son's picky eating habits. Then they met Sasha, and their problems were over. Learn more about this amazing dog and his effect on people young and old in The Scroll.