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Engaging Ads in Streaming Video

There have been a number of new ploys used lately to get the viewer to “engage” with the ads delivered during the streaming video. One asks you to choose your next ad – this is likely done by the network ad sales folks to show that people are paying attention.
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The Bear and a Very Merry Christmas

Bob "The Bear" Schrank and Dave Nimmer were buddies for 45 years, and they celebrated one memory-filled Christmas Eve with Visitation sisters in north Minneapolis. Nimmer recalls what happened that evening in The Scroll.

Roof Collapse at Mall of America (Field)

Do you suppose that the Mall of America ever thought about its brand name being associated with a "roof collapse" when it signed on and paid for the naming rights at the aging Mall of America Field, the nearly thirty year old inflatable indoor venue "formerly known as" the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota?
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Grown Up Leadership

Yesterday I attended an MN AMA event on Grown Up Leadership hosted here at St. Thomas. Martha Carlson, an experienced leader and executive coach with The Bailey Group, discussed improving your leadership effect...
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Michael Larson: An Uplifting Presence In Our Lives

As he sat in a prayer service Saturday night for Michael Larson, Father Dennis Dease felt thankful for the impact that the young man, who died in a house fire earlier that day, had on so many lives. The president of St. Thomas explains why today in The Scroll.
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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Waaay . . .

Carol Bruess loves the creativity of St. Thomas students this time of year, and their latest effort at building a snowman (snowwoman?) has brought some cheer and laughter to her neighborhood east of campus. Check out the creature and its lifestyle amenities today in The Scroll.
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Twin Cities residents are prepared for retirement

The financial turmoil of the past three years has greatly impacted many Americans' financial plans for retirement. However, Twin Cities residents may be faring better than most, according to a recent survey by Ameriprise Financial, which happens to be headquartered in Minneapolis.
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What it Takes to Become CFO of the Year

Kim Nelson has only been a chief financial officer since 2007, when she joined SPS Commerce Inc. But she’s already achieved one thing few other CFOs have in that time: A successful initial public offering.
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2011 Julie Hays Teaching Award call for Nominations

Award recognizes faculty committed to teaching and learningNominations for the second annual Julie Hays Teaching Award are now being accepted. Introduced in 2009, this annual award was created to recognize fa...
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A Loss That Hurts

After Saturday's football playoff loss to Bethel, Glenn Caruso was candid with his Tommies: "I told the team this hurts, it should hurt and it will hurt for awhile," he said. Darned right it hurts, reflects one fan today in The Scroll. He tries to explain why.
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Learning to Fail

When pursuing a new venture, you have three possible choices: succeed, quit or fail.
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Zippity Doo Dah

You remember the words to that song, don't you? Carol Bruess sure does. She seems to hear them every day, and she concludes today in The Scroll that our campus has the same "zippity" and a large dose of "doo dah" this week, thanks to a "post-Thanksgiving, pre-finals, beginning-of-Advent buzz."
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Nash Finch’s Alec Covington: High school graduate turned CEO

Like Apple’s Steve Jobs, Nash Finch CEO Alec Covington climbed the corporate ranks after completing only a high school degree. On Friday, November 19, the UST Retail Club hosted Mr. Covington for its CEO Luncheon Event, "Navigating the Recession and Coming Out Ahead."

Is a “Contemporary Translation” Smart?

Unless you know the author personally, and have been scientifically proven to be a better writer than the originator, it’s probably best not to attempt a direct “translation” of a major work or seminal document.
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Teaching Makes Him Appreciate Those Who Taught Him

Brady Narloch enjoys helping out in a seventh-grade classroom this semester because it forces him to play the role of a teacher, not just a college student, yet at the same time he has fun trying to think like a kid. He writes about the experience today in The Scroll.

Small token? Big impact.

I was recently touched by an inspirational act of one of our full-time faculty members in the classroom and thought it worthy of noting in this forum to give you a glimspe of the great people and things going on here at UST.