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Report from the UST MBA International Club

The International Club, whose mission is to, among other things, foster stronger ties between international and native born UST MBA students through the promotion of culture awareness; and provide opportunities to network with leaders and share valuable leadership strategies, experiences and ideas, held a variety of activities for its members and all Full-time UST MBA students this fall.
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Groundhogs Don’t lie

Darcy Haubrick is really tired of winter. So tired that she is thinking of looking for her first post-graduate job in a much warmer climate. But then, she writes today in The Scroll, she remembers everything she would miss about Minnesota winters.
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Money is too Controlling in Division I Athletics

Dave Nimmer is fed up with the money that dominates big-time football, especially Division I athletics and the NFL. And that, he writes today in The Scroll, is why he has even greater appreciation for the emphasis on student athletes at Division III schools such as St. Thomas.
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Premier MBA Competition Comes to UST

The ACG Cup is a case study competition hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth that is designed to give students from leading MBA programs across the country real world experience and invaluable insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory and private equity.
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Minneapolis Downtown Council Annual Meeting

Members of the council provided updates about current initiatives to make downtown Minneapolis better for residents and visitors alike, as well as highlights about events that took place during the past year.
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Minnesota AMA Mixer

The Full-time and Evening UST MBA programs are sponsoring the Minnesota AMA’s marketing socials this year, and we hope to see some of our blog readers at future events!
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Take it From Me…Beware the Creative e-mail Address

Take it from me, unique e-mail addresses will certainly get the attention of your admissions representative, but consider if it is the kind of attention that will engender confidence in your professional capabilities.
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Missing Charlie

Susan Alexander misses Charlie Keffer, who held myriad responsibilities as provost of St. Thomas, including one of "last resort in a pinch." Want to know why Susan misses Charlie? It has something to do with "diseconomies of scale," but for more, you really need to read The Scroll today.
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GMAT Jitters – We Can Help!

I am regularly asked, “Is the GMAT required to get into the UST MBA Program?” To which I respond, “Yes, and let me tell you why that’s a good thing for you.”
Grand Opening of the Bloomington UST Satellite location.

The “MBA Oath” Debate

Recently, a group of Harvard Business school graduates created the “MBA Oath,” meant to address the proliferation of ethics scandals during the past several years.
10-203 hour car arrival

Car Sharing Comes to UST

When I was moving to the Twin Cities; my goal was to get by without a car. People told me it would be impossible. I thought the same thing—but so far, I've succeeded.
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Somehow, during January Term, I lucked out and had one of the smartest and most engaging bunch of students in my Family Communication course. They worked hard, keeping up with the grueling “every day is a wee...
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January Orientation Abuzz With Anticipation

Dean Christopher Puto added his words of welcome and offered his perspective on the expectations and value of the journey these students were about to begin, encouraging them to take full advantage of the growth and learning opportunities that lay ahead.
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Finding a job…on Twitter

One of Twitter’s advantages is that unlike e-mail messages or Facebook updates, tweets can reach an unknown audience — a benefit that recruiters, human resources departments and job-seekers are fast discovering.
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A Most-enlightening Experience

Brady Narloch is back from traveling in Europe this month, and he reports today in The Scroll that all those stories he heard over the years about the virtues of international travel and study were right on the mark.
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Take it From Me…proof read!

I recently read an email where a UST MBA hopeful wrote, “I would like to peruse the Evening UST MBA Program at this time.”
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The Path to Success

Dave Nimmer likes to listen to St. Thomas baseball coach Dennis Denning talk about how the most important thing in college sports is "the path" and all of the friendships accumulated while on it. Nimmer reflects today in The Scroll on why Denning, who will retire Feb. 1, will be missed so much.