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UST MBA team selected for national ethics competition

This year's topic was "Microfinance: Ethical Advice to the Interested Parties." Each team was asked to provide recommendations to a group of venture capitalists, taking into consideration the ethical, legal and financial opportunities and drawbacks to investing in microlending in developing countries.
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Be Passionate: Entrepreneurial Tips from Paul Douglas

“I am convinced everybody has at least one business in them,” Paul Douglas told several hundred Opus College of Business graduate business students and alumni in his presentation, "Weathering the Storm: Surviving the Internet Age."
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A Salute to Our Professor of the Year

Carol Bruess and Kevin Sauter know why colleague Tom Connery was selected by faculty as Professor of the Year. It’s because he is St. Thomas. They elaborate today in The Scroll.
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Everything Old is New Again

Mid-century modern design is popular, and according to many designers it will only become more popular in the next year.
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Good Times . . . Now and Then

Sunday's tension-filled MIAC playoff championship win over Gustavus was sweet for the St. Thomas men's basketball team, which moves on to the NCAA Division III tournament. Doug Hennes reflects in The Scroll today on another banner season for the Tommies and wonders about the real meaning of the "good times never seemed so good" reference in "Sweet Caroline," which is played at halftime.

Perspectives from half a world away…

Full-time UST MBA student Trevor Mulvey, pictured at right, told me upon returning from his trip to Asia that it was an amazing learning experience that he felt all MBA students should be required to take part in.
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Everyday Heroes

Lisa Weier was sitting around watching a movie with a bunch of friends during her "snow day" on Monday when they learned that somebody's car had been snowed in big time. With only their hands – and no shovels – at the ready, they went out to rescue the car, and in the process she discovered a lot of heroes. She writes about them today in The Scroll.
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First Book: MBA students promote youth literacy

Whether it is your first time at a First Book reading or your fifth, here is a list of classroom tips and reminders that will help to ensure that you are getting the most out of your First Book experience.
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Electric car charging stations energize the Twin Cities

UST MBA alumna Jean Sweeney, Vice President of Environmental, Health and Safety Operations at 3M, recently spoke with the Pioneer Press about the addition of an electric car charging station at 3M's Maplewood headquarters.
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Waiting for Cookies

Cecilia Petschel thought she was above today's "instant gratification" syndrome, so she was ambivalent about the latest twist on that theme: You can get your Girl Scout cookies right away, instead of ordering and waiting. But then her dishwasher broke, the repair man couldn't come right away and she got a little edgy. In hindsight, she writes today in The Scroll, the Girl Scouts may be on to something after all, and having those cookies in hand makes it easier to cope with this nasty winter!
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Vikings Stadium Dilemma Intrigues Packer Backer

Dave Nimmer is a proud Packer fan, and for reasons other than the team's Super Bowl win. He admires the community's ownership of the Packers and how that enabled the team to renovate Lambeau Field a decade ago, and he hopes the Vikings can figure out a way to build a new stadium. But please, he writes today in The Scroll, spare him the threats of moving.
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Passion and Motivation for Their Sport, Their Studies and Their Teams

Dr. John Tauer, who teaches psychology and coaches men's basketball, loves to work with student-athletes who live out the St. Thomas motto, "Challenge yourself, change our world." This year, he has seen that attitude reveal itself over and over in the eight seniors who play for the men's and women's teams. He writes in The Scroll today about how beautifully they reflect the Division III experience and the balance between academics and athletics.

UST MBA Alumnus’ FML (Free Management Library)

 Today, most of us take Google and Wikipedia for granted when we want to find information.  Simply go to one of those websites, type in a search term, and voila--instant access to articles, news storie...

A Milestone: 300 Posts

Just over a year ago, I was assigned to start developing a blog for the Opus College of Business to look at business in the Twin Cities, the great work of our students and faculty and how these intersect. I didn't know how it would go.
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Five Secrets of a Better (Valentine’s?) day

Carol Bruess has five tips to help you develop happier and healthier interactions with the people around you, and that means all of you – regardless of "whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day," she writes today in The Scroll. And the tips can last far beyond what she calls today’s "love holiday."
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Weathering the Storm: Surviving the Internet Age

UST Business graduate students and alumni are forecasting an interesting night later this month with nationally respected meteorologist Paul Douglas at the Master's Pub on Friday, February 25. My goal is to sh...
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Antarctica – Or Bust!

There are a few people who thought Susan Alexander was a little crazy to head to Antarctica for a January Term break. But as it turns out, the weather there was considerably milder than what we have experienced this winter, and she got to check out the chinstrap penguin population, too. She writes about her trip today in The Scroll.
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Making MBA Résumés Stand Out

Employers are looking for more than the core classes when they hire an MBA--they want proven, driven leaders and people who can manage multiple projects and keep a team together.
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Need Inspiration? Help Build a Better Community

Sarah Gallenberg finds inspiration hard to find, especially in the dead of winter. Then she sees the good work done by programs such as Tutor-Mentor and Literacy Connections that her spirits are buoyed and her faith renewed. She writes about her experiences today in The Scroll.
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Two UST MBA teams reach ACG Cup finals

First-year MBA students Bhakti Raicha, Gurkan Peksoz, Brett Wong, Ted Long, and Kyle Jorgenson comprise one of the teams advancing to the finals, and the other team consists of second-year MBA students Sam Sands, Shawn Moses, Kevin Hejna, and Brad Maiers.