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Take it From Me…Drama!

Leave the drama on the stage. Eradicate it from your life and most certainly from your MBA essays, and you’ll provide a much more compelling application.
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Bring on the “Cheeseheads”

Brady Narloch was pretty nervous when he moved into Brady Hall four years ago and found himself surrounded by freshmen from Wisconsin. But he learned to love them, he writes today in The Scroll, and he's excited that a record number of natives from the Badger State will enroll this fall.
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Why “Start With Why”

There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or authority. But those who lead inspire us. Whether they're individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to.
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Who Knew?

Carol Bruess always has thought St. Thomas sophomore Christine Ertl was a darn sharp student. But the publisher of what could be a national best-seller about an 11-year-old girl left to die in the Atlantic Ocean nearly 50 years ago? It's true! Read more about this fascinating story –­ and watch a "Today Show" interview with the survivor of that boat tragedy –­ today in The Scroll.
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Full-time UST MBA Program Welcomes Class of 2012

Admitted students from the local area were joined by incoming students from as far afield as Texas and Massachusetts. International students from countries such as India and Venezuela who are currently living in the Twin Cities also participated in Admitted Student Day.
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UST MBA Team Named Net Impact Case Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the Full-time UST MBA Net Impact case competition team for being selected as one of five national finalists in the competition. The team will present at the national finals to be held at the Net Impact national conference at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business next October.
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Managing the Minnesota Twins brand: Tradition, Family, and Community

Asserting that the Twins “have been drafting players on character for 40 years,” Dave St. Peter, President of the Minnesota Twins, discussed the importance of making business decisions that align with the team’s brand image. He listed three key features of the Twins brand: winning tradition, focus on family, and support for the community.
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Take Some of St. Thomas Along as you Rush Into “the Real World”

With less than three weeks to graduation, Dave Nimmer knows the seniors are antsy to move on, but he has a “cautionary note” in The Scroll today. “Don’t be too hasty,” he advises. “And whatever you do, take some of St. Thomas along, especially the part involving a life of the mind.”

How to avoid death by PowerPoint

Presentation skills are essential in any realm of professional life. We use PowerPoint in our admissions information sessions. There are innumerable sales pitches every day. Every conference session seems to have a few dozen slides.
09-310 Entrepreneur Awards Dinner

Entrepreneurs share the secrets of their success

St. Thomas' 21st Annual Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony and there was an impressive collection of alumni and friends present to recognize the success of three local entrepreneurs. These success stories present lessons valuable for entrepreneurs to find success in their own ventures.
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He’ll Miss the old Swimming Pools

With the closing of the McCarthy Gymnasium pool and the recent demolition of O'Shaughnessy Hall, Jim Winterer finds himself without a pool in which to swim these days. And that, he writes today in The Scroll, means he's temporarily without a place "not to think."

Is there an “invisible hand” of social media?

I've been to several conference sessions with marketing and higher ed experts discussing the importance of social media in marketing, but I always come away feeling that all the power-users of these tools are just the marketing people.
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Celebrate National Poem in the Pocket Day on Thursday!

Susan Alexander plans to celebrate National Poem in the Pocket Day on Thursday, so watch out! Her choice has something to do with pie, she writes today in The Scroll. Well, not really ... but its title, "If The World Was Crazy," should be reason enough to ask her on Thursday for a dramatic reading. She thinks you should find a poem of your own, too.

Take it From Me…the elevator pitch

Plan and practice your elevator speech for MBA admissions interviews, and you can make a powerful first-impression on those who determine your acceptance or rejection.
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Clean car, Dirty Words

Carol Bruess has found the perfect place to swear – and to let her kids swear. It's the car wash – a perfect place, she writes today in The Scroll, for people "to cleanse themselves of the intense words and emotion they might wish (but choose not to) express at other times."
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The Good new Days

Susan Alexander occasionally hears long-time colleagues pine for years past, "when all of the students were angelic, dedicated and brilliant." But then she becomes astounded when she considers the quality of today's students and their scholarly achievements. She conferred with Dr. Michael Cogan, director of institutional research and analysis, on whether students are better prepared for the world these days. Read her conclusions today in The Scroll.
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First Book: MBAs with a Social Conscience

Many MBA applicants have a dream that one day businesses will rise up and live out the true meaning of their new creeds, which include bottom lines that do more than fatten the wallets of shareholders. They have a dream that one day Wall Street will not be judged by its big bonuses but by the content of its character.
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Q. How do you measure success?

Evening UST MBA Student Life hosted the spring Happy Half Hour and Elective Trax – sponsored by Robert Half International.
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Take it from me…letters of recommendation

It is important to remember that the UST MBA programs accept competent professionals who make great teammates and enhance the classroom experience for their peers. For those reasons, we ask that our applicants provide two professional letters of recommendation.
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Google and Crossword Puzzles: Cheating or not?

People have long used dictionaries and encyclopedias in working on crossword puzzles, so Doug Hennes didn't think twice when he started "Googling" for answers on a recent puzzle. Some people think that may be "cheating." Is it? He reflects on the issue today in The Scroll.