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Here is Why St. Thomas is “A Best Place to Work”

Father Dennis Dease knows why St. Thomas is a great place to work. It’s the people. The president will pay tribute to 280 people today in the annual Faculty and Staff Recognition Awards Celebration. He writes about their contributions in The Scroll, and he hopes you join him at 3:30 p.m. today in OEC auditorium.

Start-ups: Connect your Strategy with Design

When facing competitive pressures there may be times to keep the price list off the Internet, but in those instances maybe the link to pricing should be less prominent – or non-existent.
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MBA Notes: Ten points to ponder

Although I am only in my third week of classes, writes Evening UST MBA student Lindsey Buhrmann, I have heard a number of business concepts that I believe are worth sharing.
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Tobacco-free Campus Debate Offers Lesson in Civil Discourse

Susan Alexander was nervous when she heard the Undergraduate Student Government wanted St. Thomas to consider whether it should have tobacco-free campuses. She imagined quite the fight developing over the issue, but as she writes today in The Scroll, she has been pleasantly surprised at how the USG has handled the issue.

The Value of an Elective Abroad…in Hong Kong

Global Financial Services was one of the most important classes that I took during my UST MBA .  The course gave me practical experience in an emerging economic power.  In the next 20 years, China will likely h...
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Grateful . . .

It took a little prompting from her daughter, but Cecilia Petschel realized the other day just how grateful she is for so many things – big things like a daughter’s love and little things like a parking spot on the main campus – in her life. Today in The Scroll, she asks: How about you?
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The Catch-22 of Being in Grad School

While it always seems that the weekend is on the horizon, chances are that it's booked with homework. With work and school ruling the schedule, time is fleeting and as one of my MBA friends put it last week,"Oh look, it's Friday again. Yay me!"
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Entrepreneur Targets Children’s Medical Device Market

Evening UST MBA alumnus Brad Slaker, who pursued an elective track in entrepreneurship, combined his background in engineering with a passion for helping children in launching non-profit medical device company DesignWise Medical.
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No Pain, No Gain – No Matter What

I needed “to struggle through the learning. After all, learning only happens when we’re pushed out of our comfort zones and are forced to internalize the new knowledge.”

Have you audited your social media presence recently?

Most young professionals today have a presence in one or more social media, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and blogs. When used appropriately, these media can be assets to your career and educational advancement. However, inappropriate photos or information can just as easily have negative impacts.
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Not an All-American . . . But a Great American

As the men's basketball team prepares to play Friday evening in the NCAA Division III Final Four, Doug Hennes pays tribute to coach Steve Fritz in The Scroll, thanking his colleague and friend for everything he has done for the St. Thomas basketball team over the last 44 years.
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Gifts Apparent

Lisa Weier says she has been "blown away" by all of the talent around her at St. Thomas, whether it be her fellow singers in the Liturgical Choir, professors in the classroom or Frisbee players on the quad. She writes about her experiences and salutes singer Luke Spehar today in The Scroll.
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Challenging the Gender Gap

As an “aware, sensitive, caring, rapidly aging male baby-boomer”, I've known that the gender wage gap exists, but was not aware it was so persistently high on a global scale.
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Meet Carl Patow ’08 M.B.A.

I believe it's critically important for leaders to constantly refresh their knowledge of leadership, emerging concepts in management and changes in the environment of health care. The St. Thomas MBA program was a great fit for me as a leader of an organization in an evolving health care marketplace.
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Changes for Women, Old and Young

As she looked around OEC auditorium the other evening during the lecture by Gail Collins, author of When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present, Susan Alexander nodded in appreciation for the changes wrought by the "older women" in the audience. As for the "younger women," Alexander writes today in The Scroll, they "have changes of their own to make."

Thoughts on social media’s impact on social change

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg might be briefly beaming, as his baby has grown to be a force for global change. While supplying means to insurgents was likely not his intention in creating Facebook, Foucault may not have been surprised to see how the power plays out in real-world impact.

Meet Ginger Coker: expert in balancing work, study…and dancing

"I chose St. Thomas because I knew…the program was going through the process to become internationally accredited and I believed that was important. I visited and immediately felt a connection to the people I encountered at St. Thomas and to the Minneapolis campus."
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Health Care UST MBA Alumnus Receives Courage to Lead Award

Carl Patow, M.D., M.P.H., '08 M.B.A., F.A.C.S., vice president and executive director of HealthPartners Institute for Medical Education, has been honored with the Parker J. Palmer Courage to Lead Award by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.
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UST MBA team selected for national ethics competition

This year's topic was "Microfinance: Ethical Advice to the Interested Parties." Each team was asked to provide recommendations to a group of venture capitalists, taking into consideration the ethical, legal and financial opportunities and drawbacks to investing in microlending in developing countries.
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Be Passionate: Entrepreneurial Tips from Paul Douglas

“I am convinced everybody has at least one business in them,” Paul Douglas told several hundred Opus College of Business graduate business students and alumni in his presentation, "Weathering the Storm: Surviving the Internet Age."