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He Is Especially Thankful This Year

Dave Nimmer always likes Thanksgiving, but even more so this year, and he tells you why today in The Scroll. Dave has that glass-half-full smile because of everything he sees around campus these days: good jobs, good teaching, a new athletic and recreation complex and an undefeated football team making everyone proud at Homecoming. And it helps, he adds, to be able to buy a great cup of coffee right here in our library. Happy Thanksgiving!
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It’s Time to Catch a Little Tommie Spirit

Miles Trump doesn't blame Minnesota sports fans for getting a little down on their teams. A lot of what he sees out there isn't pretty ... except, that is, at St. Thomas! The sports editor of finds success everywhere he turns on campus these days – and a lot of fans are caught up in the excitement. Check out what Miles has to say today in The Scroll, and take note: He expects to see you at a Tommie game soon, starting with Saturday's NCAA football playoff opener in O'Shaughnessy Stadium.
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Master’s Pub: “This is Twins Territory”

Patrick Klinger, vice president of marketing for the Minnesota Twins, and Charlie Callahan from Periscope, talked about the baseball team’s extremely successful “This is Twins Territory” advertising campaign at a recent Master’s Pub.
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Reflecting on “Airplane Day”

Sarah Gallenberg celebrated what her family calls "Airplane Day" earlier this month, and it gave her a chance to reflect anew on her life as a South Korean adoptee who grew up in the United States. Sarah writes about her experiences – and how "the unknown aspects of who I am show up in the mirror every morning" – in The Scroll.

China’s Newest Dynasty

While other countries have struggled during the recession, China has charged ahead. How did the world?s now second-largest economy avoid the freefall while preparing for world dominance?