Talia Nadir

Humans of St. Thomas: Talia Nadir

Talia Nadir, one of St. Thomas' research and instruction librarians, discusses what it was like growing up in Israel, how a global awareness and love of traveling influences raising three teenage sons, and why people need to stop assuming that librarians just organize and shelf books.
Dr. Penny Wheeler, president and chief executive officer of Allina Health

The Health Care Continuum

Health care is rapidly evolving and changing for the better. In Minnesota, more people have access to care, there are increasing care delivery options such as telemedicine and retail health, a strong focus on w...
Douglas Jondle, left, research director at the Center for Ethical Business Cultures at the University of St. Thomas and Ron James, right, president and CEO of CEBC

The Rules of Engagement

Some of the biggest questions global corporations operating in emerging markets need to confront concern ethics. Doing business in or with developing countries often challenges executives’ and managers’ busines...

Diving Into Data

This spring, I participated in Marketing Data Analysis: Design, Dissect, Decide through Executive Education. The program, which includes 20 hours of instruction presented over four days, is a deep dive into dig...
Jay Ebben

Outside Consultant Features Jay Ebben

On Sunday, April 10, Jay Ebben, associate professor of entrepreneurship at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, was featured in the Star Tribune’s “Outside Consultant” column. Read Ebben's adv...
equations on whiteboard

Data Analytics: Like a Boss

We need to have a discussion about marketing analytics; primarily, we need to discuss what this means because I’m seeing two distinct camps forming and using the same terminology. The first camp is about using ...
Michael Hoffman

Outside Consultant Features Michael Hoffman

On Sunday, April 3, Michael Hoffman, adjunct professor of marketing at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, was featured in the Star Tribune’s “Outside Consultant” column. Read Hoffman's advic...
Stephen Courchane

Stephen Courchane: An MBA In the Nonprofit Sector

Stephen Courchane '17 M.B.A. currently serves as senior director of operations for Hiawatha Academies, a network of college-preparatory charter schools focusing on closing the achievement gap in Minneapolis. As...
Keynote speaker Chip Heath

The Wisdom of Bestselling Author Chip Heath

Chip Heath, author and professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, will be the keynote speaker for the Physician Leadership Symposium on April 19. I've been following Heath since 2007, when he co-authore...
equations on whiteboard

Data Analytics: Ask the Right Questions

Public Service Announcement: If you’re not intimately familiar with formulas, functions and tables in Excel, you really want to get your hands on an advanced Excel tutorial before starting the Graduate Certific...
Dan McLaughlin

Data Analytics for Everyone

Cognitive computing has entered the business enterprise as an important tool. The term “cognitive computing” refers to a computer’s ability to function as though it were thinking like a human. The most well-kno...

Bold Conversations and New Directions

Studies show that a diverse workforce benefits the entire company. But “diversity and inclusion” is a phrase used so often (it even has an acronym: D&I) that it can be easy to forget that the phrase represe...
J-term group visits the Taj Mahal

Diversity Drives a Mega Market

When I first learned of the opportunity to study abroad in India, my immediate thought was, "What better way to experience the country!" The structured atmosphere of a study abroad course would be the best way ...

Outside Consultant Features Kevin Henderson

On Sunday, March 6, Kevin Henderson, assistant professor of management at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, was featured in the Star Tribune’s “Outside Consultant” column. Read Henderson's ...
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President Sullivan Embraces Coalition Goals of Providing an Equitable and Inclusive Education

President Julie Sullivan, in response to a letter from the St. Thomas Anti-Racism Coalition, asks the university community needs to work together closely to achieve its vision of providing an equitable and inclusive education. "We need to make fundamental changes that will endure long beyond our years at St. Thomas," she writes, and such changes will require awareness, intention and a commitment to embrace our convictions and our strategic priorities.
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Anti-Racism Coalition Calls For Dialogue, Collaboration and Projects to Make St. Thomas More Inclusive and Racially Just

Faculty and staff members of the St. Thomas Anti-Racism Coalition have sent a letter to President Julie Sullivan and the Newsroom asking for further dialogue, collaboration and projects that will be positive forces in St. Thomas becoming a more inclusive and racially just university. “Let us be the bridges to bring our community together to realize our collective capacity to advance the common good,” the letter states.