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Douglas Dayton (1924-2013) influenced retail real estate locally, nationally

“What is good for the community is good for business.” – Douglas DaytonI’ve gotten to talk with some interesting people but Doug Dayton was one of my favorites. In part because he built two of my retail favorites; Target and Southdale. He was also good to work with while putting together information used to make this video for the MN Real Estate Hall of Fame. Sad to hear this news of his passing this weekend.
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Lessons from the C-Suite

How do you decide when to stay, and when to go? Make a note in your personal almanac – on Wednesday night last week, the secrets of a successful career were revealed at the corner of 10th St. and Lasalle Ave. Lessons from the C-Suite featured high profile, successful executives with a total of more than 100 years of experience.

Career Link: Interim for Interns

The Full-time UST MBA class of 2014 embarked on more than 30 different internships this past month. As the days continue to fly by, Graduate Business Career Services would like share a few internship tips before the green leaves of summer change to autumnal shades of fall.
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11 innovative ideas for creating a healthy workplace

Last month, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal recognized 22 companies who scored the highest on its 2013 Healthiest Employers assessment. What are these healthy workplaces doing? These employers share a commitment to improving the overall well-being of their employees including physical, mental, social, and financial health.
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The Medical Device Tax: Brakes on an Economic Engine

In this era of complexity and global economic uncertainty, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could invent a whole new industry? A field where people spend their days working on ways to change the world, adding new jobs in America, become an engine of economic growth and be a net exporter of goods. If you could find such an industry wouldn’t it be an American treasure? And wouldn’t you assume it would be an industry where government created ways to support, invest in and accelerate its potential?

Profile: Megan Szlachtowski ’14 M.B.A.

Megan Szlachtowski had always wanted to live in the big city. Moving from her family’s quiet farm in small-town Olivia, MN to the bustling port city of Duluth, he graduated with a degree in health information management (HIM) from the College of St. Scholastica. After graduation, Szlachtowski started work at Allina Health in the Twin Cities, where’s she’s been for the last five years. But now, Szlachtowski has a new dream–one that she hopes to reach with her Health Care MBA from the Opus College of Business.

Career Overview: Consulting

A career in consulting has many benefits that only a number of people are aware of. Although most people would assume a career in consulting is less stable than a full-time career as a salaried employee, some others would argue this assumption is false.

Guerrilla Marketing or Event Hijacking

This week a pro-gun group informed the media and area law enforcement that its members would be out in force at community events organized by another organization, pushing the limits of the state carry laws.
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Sorry Packers fans, Minnesota’s got Wisconsin beat

“Wisconsin may have better football teams than Minnesota, but the Badger State is eating our dust when it comes to the economy,” the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development wrote on their blog last week.
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Humanities or STEM? What’s best in an MBA program?

“Management is required everywhere.” Managers are needed not only in business, but also in government, in hospitals, in law firms, churches and non-profit organizations. Having a breadth of knowledge can enable managers to better lead in a wide range of organizations. At UST, we’re pushing to increase diversity of thought in our classrooms in ways that finds students with many different backgrounds. So what do you think? Should the country increase focus on STEM or humanities?

Too Late To Negotiate

It’s been said that professionals can lose upwards of $50,000 during their professional career simply by not negotiating during the job offer. There are several steps to consider before accepting any position, let alone your dream occupation.

Try the GMAT Before Taking the Test

Evening and Full Time UST MBA admissions teams are excited to share a new resource that is available for GMAT preparation and practice. The Opus College of Business now offers three GMAT test simulation tools for verbal and quantitative questions.
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Small Business Week Marks 50 Years

This year marks the 50th anniversary of National Small Business Week. Although things have certainly changed since President Kennedy signed the first Presidential Proclamation in 1963, one thing that hasn’t changed is America’s entrepreneurial spirit and the important role that small business owners play in our economy and our communities.

Why get an MBC (or MBA)? Here’s one student’s view.

Christina Milanowski was named Minnesota PRSA's 2012 Young Professional Award winner. She was recently interviewed by Arik Hanson for his "PR Rock Stars" series and discussed why she decided to get her degree, and, what she hopes to achieve as a result.

Career Link: Resolution Resolve

45 percent of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, but only 8 percent are successful in achieving them. Less than half of us remain committed to our resolutions by June each year. So while the majority of us have already given up, it could be the perfect time to start a new resolution, or give an ongoing resolution a check up.

Being Entrepreneurial is “In” (Again)

It seems that everyone is promoting being entrepreneurial these days. At SXSW, Bill Gates called for more entrepreneurs to enter the education space. Senators Moran and Warner say Washington, D.C., needs more entrepreneurs.

UST MBA/JD Profile: Max Shapiro

Instead of focusing on making his voice heard, Max Shapiro already aspires to something loftier: to be the voice for those that go unheard. Shapiro is in his second year of St. Thomas’ dual degree JD/MBA program, a joint venture between the School of Law and Opus College of Business that will ultimately supply him with degrees in both law and business.

The Power of Continuous Education

Do you take time to keep yourself sharp? I often hear about strategies to “improve your business, improve your process, improve this, and improve that.” Enough about the process…what about you? What can you do to improve you?
Randall Hogan and Rev. Dennis Dease

“Be part of a noble service” says UST Commencement Speaker Randall Hogan

More than 250 students were hooded in the Graduate Business Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 25. Randall J. Hogan, chairman and CEO of Pentair, delivered the commencement address and told the graduates “You're starting the next phase of your lives” and the two things you need to be successful are to “create your own future, and control your own destiny. Make sure you have a goal in mind, when opportunities present themselves, you will be bold enough to take them.”

How to Manage a Workforce with Many Identities

In the early days of diversity, the work focused on race and gender. Then it broadened and became more complex. Laws change, attitudes are continually evolving and the newest generation in the workforce does not want to be put in a box of one race, ethnicity or group.