Success in a Challenging Job Environment: Your Brand at Work

Life is marketing. LaBarre Spence and Tom Colosimo, from UST Graduate Business Career Services, provided their expertise to graduate students at a Saturday morning MBA to Z Seminar, “Success in a Challenging Job Environment: Your Brand at Work." The program focused on developing your professional brand statement.
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Take it From Me…TMI

Take it from me, it is advisable to keep the content of your answers in interviews to professional topics, showing yourself socially savvy and academically capable enough to manage teamwork in a top-notch MBA program.
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What will we learn?

Wherever we find ourselves, be it Wall Street, Main Street, or Your (My) Street, let’s ring the clarion call to rediscover our values and make the necessary changes to avoid returning to the old status quo.
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UST bridge initiative turns Learners to Leaders

Learners to Leaders (L2L) was conceived as a professional networking and leadership development initiative. It is designed for college students and recent college graduates from underrepresented communities who have demonstrated leadership ability and expressed an interest in continuing their education at the graduate level.
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Wolf packs engage at Master’s Pub

The WOLF program is intended to create awareness and drive global opportunity for women at all levels of Best Buy’s business—from Blue Shirts in Best Buy’s stores to female executives — and build business strategies to better serve female customers.
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Trends That Will Shape 2010

Minnesota AMA hosted a presentation by two consumer strategists from Iconoculture, a consumer research and advisory company that "integrates consumer information from multiple data sources and combines it with expert interpretation and analysis by the industry’s largest Advisory Services team to produce targeted insights."
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Take it from me…clichés

Take it from me, poor use of clichés indicates an inability to think outside the box and is not a value-add to your application.
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Toyota’s challenge

This entire crisis for Toyota is a live-action case study and I'm sure that for years to come students in MBA and business communication classes at UST and elsewhere will examine how well the company handled the situation.
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Innovative Leadership – Office Hours?

After about a month on the job, I realized that our current students, although clearly the central reason for our existence, were at risk of falling out of my field of vision.

UST Triumphs in ACG Cup Finals

Congratulations to Full-time UST MBA students Ahmed El Shourbagy, John Quinn, and Jake Heidkamp, who placed first in the ACG Cup finals yesterday.
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Social Media, Free Speech, and the Ethical Corporation

This competition is a compelling opportunity to present before and network with before senior industry leaders. Even more impressively however, the winning All-Star Team will represent UST's Full-time MBA program in the National Business Ethics Case Competition in the fall of 2010 in Nashville.
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Report from the UST MBA International Club

The International Club, whose mission is to, among other things, foster stronger ties between international and native born UST MBA students through the promotion of culture awareness; and provide opportunities to network with leaders and share valuable leadership strategies, experiences and ideas, held a variety of activities for its members and all Full-time UST MBA students this fall.
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Premier MBA Competition Comes to UST

The ACG Cup is a case study competition hosted by the Association for Corporate Growth that is designed to give students from leading MBA programs across the country real world experience and invaluable insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory and private equity.
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Minneapolis Downtown Council Annual Meeting

Members of the council provided updates about current initiatives to make downtown Minneapolis better for residents and visitors alike, as well as highlights about events that took place during the past year.
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Minnesota AMA Mixer

The Full-time and Evening UST MBA programs are sponsoring the Minnesota AMA’s marketing socials this year, and we hope to see some of our blog readers at future events!
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Take it From Me…Beware the Creative e-mail Address

Take it from me, unique e-mail addresses will certainly get the attention of your admissions representative, but consider if it is the kind of attention that will engender confidence in your professional capabilities.
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GMAT Jitters – We Can Help!

I am regularly asked, “Is the GMAT required to get into the UST MBA Program?” To which I respond, “Yes, and let me tell you why that’s a good thing for you.”
Grand Opening of the Bloomington UST Satellite location.

The “MBA Oath” Debate

Recently, a group of Harvard Business school graduates created the “MBA Oath,” meant to address the proliferation of ethics scandals during the past several years.