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Take it From Me…Beware the Creative e-mail Address

Take it from me, unique e-mail addresses will certainly get the attention of your admissions representative, but consider if it is the kind of attention that will engender confidence in your professional capabilities.
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GMAT Jitters – We Can Help!

I am regularly asked, “Is the GMAT required to get into the UST MBA Program?” To which I respond, “Yes, and let me tell you why that’s a good thing for you.”
Grand Opening of the Bloomington UST Satellite location.

The “MBA Oath” Debate

Recently, a group of Harvard Business school graduates created the “MBA Oath,” meant to address the proliferation of ethics scandals during the past several years.
10-203 hour car arrival

Car Sharing Comes to UST

When I was moving to the Twin Cities; my goal was to get by without a car. People told me it would be impossible. I thought the same thing—but so far, I've succeeded.
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January Orientation Abuzz With Anticipation

Dean Christopher Puto added his words of welcome and offered his perspective on the expectations and value of the journey these students were about to begin, encouraging them to take full advantage of the growth and learning opportunities that lay ahead.
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Finding a job…on Twitter

One of Twitter’s advantages is that unlike e-mail messages or Facebook updates, tweets can reach an unknown audience — a benefit that recruiters, human resources departments and job-seekers are fast discovering.
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Take it From Me…proof read!

I recently read an email where a UST MBA hopeful wrote, “I would like to peruse the Evening UST MBA Program at this time.”
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3 Differences in Graduate Admission

As the newest member of the staff in the UST MBA Admissions Office, and someone new to admissions in general, after a few weeks on the job I am gaining a lot of insights into the whole process of getting in to grad school. Here are three things I’ve discovered that could be useful to know in applying for a graduate degree.
Shuttle bus and skyway between TMH and MOH.

The skyways of Minneapolis

Minneapolis' skyways form a city within a city. From street level, you might not realize that there are hundreds of shops and restaurants lining the skyways linking the St. Thomas campus to downtown.
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NSHMBA Year-End Celebration at General Mills

The National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBAs) year-end celebration was attended by over 250 people, representing companies including 3M, Delta, General Mills, Medtronic, Target, UnitedHealth Group, and many others.
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Back from China!

I spent the past week representing the Full-time UST MBA program at World MBA Tour events in three cities in China—Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou. If you have not had the chance to visit China, it is amazing to see the mix of modern and historic there.
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Little Things Make a BIG Difference

Noah Namowicz, a University of St. Thomas entrepreneurship major (class of '09), half joked about putting graphics on his Toyota Prius hybrid. The idea took off and BIG INK partnered with Image Haus of Minneapolis to create green inspired vehicle graphics that would garner customer and industry attention for their green efforts.
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UST Alumni Among 2008 40 Under 40

Four University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business alumni were named as winners of the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal 40 Under Forty 2008 awards.