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My daily business ‘cycle

Bicycle commuter and admissions adviser David Baker wonders whether biking to work is worth the hassle. For him, and nearly 4% of the commuters in the Twin Cities, the answer is a resounding yes.

Moving Up, Over, or Out: Career Transition Strategies

Nine alternative career paths influence people in their career, including money, difficulty of the job, bridging from one job to another, job environments, matching of interests to a position as well as other factors that cause professionals to make specific career decisions.
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Lessons of the benefits of diversity

Craig Herkert, CEO of SUPERVALU told his personal journey of discovering the business imperatives of understanding and including diversity in the grocery business at the 22nd annual Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity.
OCB Marketing Conversation

On writing “how I talk”

Sometimes people say of their personal writing style, “I write how I talk.” This approach presents inherent problems if the purpose of the writing centers on presentation of business issues or persuasion of audiences that literally don’t know your voice.
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UST teams find success at CEBC Ethics Competition on Social Media

The 2nd Annual CEBC Ethics Case Competition recently took place here at the Opus College of Business. With the support of United Health Group and the local business community, five teams comprised of four full-time MBA students presented their unique approaches to “Social Media, Free Speech and the Ethical Corporation.”
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Target’s evolution in Diversity & Inclusion

Todd Williams from Target will co-present with Sara Taylor, from deepSEE Consulting; on the topic of Branding Your Diversity & Inclusion Initiative Thursday at The Multicultural Forum on Workplace Diversity.
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Study Abroad: Mali

Full-time UST MBA student John Kamman and Molli Mikl traveled to Mali, Africa for two weeks over J-term.
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Re-inventing civic participation in Minnesota

The Minnesota Idea Open is on the cusp of re-inventing civic participation in our state. It’s a new electronic platform that will allow Minnesotans to supply ideas to solve our state’s most onerous problems – and some of these very ideas will be implemented!

Networking Outside the Norm

Regardless of the industry you work in, effective networking can be the key to career advancement. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70 percent of all jobs are found through networking. Have you been networking as effectively as you could?

The Twin Cities best bowlers work for…

The TC3 2010 Bowlathon was a tremendous success! 16 teams participated, bringing more than 80 people representing a dozen companies/organizations throughout the Twin Cities (Target, Optum Health, Best Buy, Medtronic, General Mills, and more).

Success in a Challenging Job Environment: Your Brand at Work

Life is marketing. LaBarre Spence and Tom Colosimo, from UST Graduate Business Career Services, provided their expertise to graduate students at a Saturday morning MBA to Z Seminar, “Success in a Challenging Job Environment: Your Brand at Work." The program focused on developing your professional brand statement.
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Take it From Me…TMI

Take it from me, it is advisable to keep the content of your answers in interviews to professional topics, showing yourself socially savvy and academically capable enough to manage teamwork in a top-notch MBA program.
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What will we learn?

Wherever we find ourselves, be it Wall Street, Main Street, or Your (My) Street, let’s ring the clarion call to rediscover our values and make the necessary changes to avoid returning to the old status quo.
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UST bridge initiative turns Learners to Leaders

Learners to Leaders (L2L) was conceived as a professional networking and leadership development initiative. It is designed for college students and recent college graduates from underrepresented communities who have demonstrated leadership ability and expressed an interest in continuing their education at the graduate level.
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Wolf packs engage at Master’s Pub

The WOLF program is intended to create awareness and drive global opportunity for women at all levels of Best Buy’s business—from Blue Shirts in Best Buy’s stores to female executives — and build business strategies to better serve female customers.
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Trends That Will Shape 2010

Minnesota AMA hosted a presentation by two consumer strategists from Iconoculture, a consumer research and advisory company that "integrates consumer information from multiple data sources and combines it with expert interpretation and analysis by the industry’s largest Advisory Services team to produce targeted insights."