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Evolution in the Workplace

The benefit of UST's diverse student roster is that each student brings a unique perspective and approach to business, which is especially relevant when we discuss how different people and business units might frame situations in the workplace.
Opus College of Business

Celebrating Flag Day

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the United States Flag, which happened by resolution on the Second Continental Congress in 1777.
Green Line LRT

Central Corridor: Boon or Bane for Business?

While hopes are high that the billion-dollar project will bring great benefits to both Minneapolis and St. Paul, the construction phase is disrupting business as usual for many retailers along the route.
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Jargon Genesis: You’re Fired!

If thieves in our current criminal system think they've got it bad, they should do some research on the miners from Mendip, England several hundred years ago.
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Businessweek: PR Belongs in B-School Studies

From the start, principled business leaders who consider the long-range picture are less likely to run into many communications crises. (Though crises can always arise—and the way they are handled operationally is deeply intertwined with how they are communicated.)
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What does it mean to be a leader?

Management and leadership gurus like Michael Porter, Marcus Buckingham, Robert Reich, Steven Covey and Peter Drucker all give a slightly different answer to the question “what does it mean to be a leader?”
Campus Scenes

Nice Ride coming to St. Paul college campuses

The bike-sharing organization Nice Ride Minnesota will add a fleet of 500 bicycles to 40 new rental stations this summer, branching out for the first time from Minneapolis to St. Paul.
Daryl Koehn poses for a portrait in Schulze Hall on Friday, October 11, 2013.

Faculty Feature: Dr. Daryl Koehn

Dr. Koehn joined the Opus College of Business as a full-time faculty member in ethics and business law development in the fall of 2010.
OCB Marketing Conversation

Secrets are Lies

Recently, Burson-Marsteller (“part of Young & Rubicam Brands”) found out the hard way that keeping secrets isn’t good public relations practice.
OCB Commencement

Jargon Genesis: Pomp and Circumstance

Many of you had the distinct honor of walking down an aisle, mortarboard on head, participating in a ceremony to commemorate the attainment of your UST graduate business degree.
Graduate Commencement

Where One Road Ends, Another Begins

I’ve spent the past three years (17 classes and about 2,300 hours) focused fairly exclusively on my studies. Many of my hobbies and social pursuits had to go by the wayside (and in some cases, stop altogether) while I dedicated a lot of my time to school. As much sacrifice as this has required, every second has been worth it. And then some.
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Speak Up Using Social Media

Others are finding new ways to capitalize on social media platforms to enhance education and facilitate discussion in the classroom.
Donna Block Portrait

UST MBA alumna leads top Twin Cities clinic

Not many of our MBA graduates can say they once dreamed of being a Rockette. While Health Care UST MBA alumna Donna Block never achieved that particular dream, her medical degree and MBA have enabled her to run one of the top OBGYN clinics in the Twin Cities.
10-238 mpls downtown

The Greenest Ballpark

Target Field received many accolades when it opened last spring for its attractive design and great views from virtually every seating section. But did you know that it is also the most environmentally-friendly major league ballpark in the United States?

What’s Your View of the Future?

With graduation just weeks away, many students are seriously contemplating their future right now. From FOX 9 News, a new poll by the Associated Press shows 18 to 24 year olds more pessimistic about their economic futures compared to a similar poll in 2007.