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Summers Off?

I think because I work in education, they imagine that I enjoy summers at the lake, sending my daughter to tennis camp and walking my dog to Minnehaha Falls to take in the sights and sounds of the season.
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The (MBA) road less taken: SMEs

Not all MBA students re seeking jobs with six-figure paychecks and corner offices. In fact, more MBA students are taking the time to think about what is important to them and seeking out fulfilling opportunities with “non-traditional” MBA employers.
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Summer Midterms…and More Downtown at UST

Lindsey Buhrmann is a student in her second semester in the Evening UST MBA program shares her list of "things I wish I would have known before jumping into the St. Thomas MBA program."
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Evening MBA Student Knows Noodles…and Negatives

The vast majority of our students work full time, take one or two courses each semester, and make time for activities with friends and family. But few evening students pack as many activities into each day as Tony Wang.

Shareholder Dividends of a Different Kind: Produce

Fresh vegetables: arugula, lettuce, scallions, pac choi, pea shoots, radishes, rapini, spinach and turnips. These come not from the grocery store or even the downtown farmer's market, but from our farm share.
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Evolution in the Workplace

The benefit of UST's diverse student roster is that each student brings a unique perspective and approach to business, which is especially relevant when we discuss how different people and business units might frame situations in the workplace.
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Celebrating Flag Day

Flag Day commemorates the adoption of the United States Flag, which happened by resolution on the Second Continental Congress in 1777.
Green Line LRT

Central Corridor: Boon or Bane for Business?

While hopes are high that the billion-dollar project will bring great benefits to both Minneapolis and St. Paul, the construction phase is disrupting business as usual for many retailers along the route.
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Jargon Genesis: You’re Fired!

If thieves in our current criminal system think they've got it bad, they should do some research on the miners from Mendip, England several hundred years ago.
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Businessweek: PR Belongs in B-School Studies

From the start, principled business leaders who consider the long-range picture are less likely to run into many communications crises. (Though crises can always arise—and the way they are handled operationally is deeply intertwined with how they are communicated.)
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What does it mean to be a leader?

Management and leadership gurus like Michael Porter, Marcus Buckingham, Robert Reich, Steven Covey and Peter Drucker all give a slightly different answer to the question “what does it mean to be a leader?”