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Mass mingling: are you connecting? notes: As predicted by digital gurus more than a decade ago, hundreds of millions of people are now living large parts of their lives online (and lovin’ it!). However, this has not turned...
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Jargon Genesis: “Vis-à-vis”

Ah, the French. How we love to borrow from their language! À la carte, à la mode, à propos, art déco, au gratin, au jus, au naturel, blonde, bon appétit, bon voyage, carte blanche, chic, crème brûlée...
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Bike Walk Week & Bike Sharing Launch

via City of Minneapolis Bicycle Program and Secrets of the City Bike Walk Week begins this Saturday, June 5th, and last through next Friday, June 11th. In addition, Bike Walk to Work Day will be Thursday,...
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Appraising the reappraisal of the MBA

It's good to question the value of expensive business school programs. But if you are looking for the best innovators in this field, look beyond the top-tier players. In today's Star Tribune Business Forum...
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Ethics and the Gulf oil disaster

MPR's Midmorning today had a great segment on business ethics: Corporations spend millions on assuring the public that they are helping the environment and/or acting as ethical citizens. But can a company...
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Jargon Genesis: “Think Outside the Box”

Remember all the magical worlds you created inside those enormous refrigerator boxes when you were a kid? And much of the world’s greatest creative expression happens within the rectangular confines of a...
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Thinking outside the (Mentos) box

Remember that fad a few years ago where you could drop Mentos in a bottle of Diet Coke and it would shoot up a geyser? Well, it's back. USA Today's On Deadline says "Mentos mixed with Coke Zero offers new...
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Importing Opportunity

Kate Herzog '09 M.B.A. builds a 'House of Talents' to help alleviate poverty in Ghana
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Preparing for the GMAT: How long should you study?

One of the questions our admissions team hears frequently from applicants is “How long should I study for the GMAT?”  While there is no official consensus, we generally recommend that applicants start...
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Dr. Jay Ebben Wins 2010 Hays Award

The Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas has announced that Dr. Jay Ebben is the first winner of the newly instituted Julie Hays Teaching Award. Dr. Ebben, who has taught at St. Thomas...

New Details on the future of Twin Cities Light Rail

Will the growing light rail be bringing more passengers downtown anytime soon? Well it will definitely be a while before anyone from St. Louis Park, Hopkins, Edina, Minnetonka, or Eden Prairie area climbs aboard a train for their daily commute.
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The origins of the “Deadline”

It sounds a little morbid, right? Well after some online research – not utilizing Wikipedia – I have discovered the most likely origin of the term.
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Speed Networking: Make 18 new business connections in 90 minutes

Whether you’re actively looking for a new job or just want to expand your professional contacts, the Minnesota American Marketing Association’s upcoming Speed Networking event provides a great opportunity to meet dozens of marketing and advertising professionals.
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Take it From Me…Drama!

Leave the drama on the stage. Eradicate it from your life and most certainly from your MBA essays, and you’ll provide a much more compelling application.
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Why “Start With Why”

There are leaders and there are those who lead. Leaders hold a position of power or authority. But those who lead inspire us. Whether they're individuals or organizations, we follow those who lead not because we have to but because we want to.
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Full-time UST MBA Program Welcomes Class of 2012

Admitted students from the local area were joined by incoming students from as far afield as Texas and Massachusetts. International students from countries such as India and Venezuela who are currently living in the Twin Cities also participated in Admitted Student Day.
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UST MBA Team Named Net Impact Case Competition Finalists

Congratulations to the Full-time UST MBA Net Impact case competition team for being selected as one of five national finalists in the competition. The team will present at the national finals to be held at the Net Impact national conference at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business next October.
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Managing the Minnesota Twins brand: Tradition, Family, and Community

Asserting that the Twins “have been drafting players on character for 40 years,” Dave St. Peter, President of the Minnesota Twins, discussed the importance of making business decisions that align with the team’s brand image. He listed three key features of the Twins brand: winning tradition, focus on family, and support for the community.

How to avoid death by PowerPoint

Presentation skills are essential in any realm of professional life. We use PowerPoint in our admissions information sessions. There are innumerable sales pitches every day. Every conference session seems to have a few dozen slides.
09-310 Entrepreneur Awards Dinner

Entrepreneurs share the secrets of their success

St. Thomas' 21st Annual Entrepreneur Awards Ceremony and there was an impressive collection of alumni and friends present to recognize the success of three local entrepreneurs. These success stories present lessons valuable for entrepreneurs to find success in their own ventures.

Is there an “invisible hand” of social media?

I've been to several conference sessions with marketing and higher ed experts discussing the importance of social media in marketing, but I always come away feeling that all the power-users of these tools are just the marketing people.