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Evening New Student Orientation Satisfies Minds, Stomachs

The faculty and staff were excited as new students arrived for registration and the first event of the evening. Dean Puto gave an energizing welcome to the new students, stressing the importance of the collaborative culture at St. Thomas.
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UST MBA programs visit Target Field

Students and staff from the Evening and Full-time UST MBA programs braved the chilly autumn winds to watch the Minnesota Twins defeat the Kansas City Royals at Target Field.
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Jargon Genesis: Like

UST MBA students learn about ways to eliminate this filler word and others during Launch Week. Here's some background on its history.
President at the Fair

The fair means more than just fun and food–think finance

With the Minnesota State Fair wrapping up many vendors and concession stand owners are happy to have some time off - in fact I've heard that some of them make so much money during the fair, they don't need to work the rest of the year.
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Strategic %$&#@! Swearing

Using an occasional curse word can convey a "level of contempt unparalleled by non-taboo words"...there's no way to convey some expletives with polite speech.
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NBMBAA Golf Classic supports Leaders of Tomorrow

The Leaders of Tomorrow Golf Classic brought professionals together from around the Twin Cities to "benefit the Leaders of Tomorrow programs and Omega Psi Phi's Heritage Park students to continue building a robust talent pipeline of multicultural business professionals and leaders."
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New MBA Students Begin a Lifetime of Learning

The first week of the program, orientation, is called Launch--and for good reason: the incoming class was quickly launched into intense discussions and debates on business and ethics that will set the foundation for their 21 months in the program.
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Jargon Genesis: Across the Board

“Management is making cuts ‘across the board’ to balance the budget next year.” Isn’t that an unpleasant phrase to hear at a company meeting? We all know that “across the board” means inclusive o...
Kate Herzog

The Talented Woman behind “House of Talents”

After graduating from the Full-time UST MBA program in 2009, Kate Herzog founded House of Talents. House of Talents is a small company that works with the craftspeople of Ghana to produce hand-made soaps, woven baskets, and jewelry.
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The Outsourcing Forecast: Becoming cloudy

For the past 20 years, outsourcing has reshaped the world's economy. Most manufacturing operations have shifted to developing countries, while technology service providers have thrived in countries such as India that have well-educated workforces but lower labor costs than in North America and western Europe.
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Top Women in Finance: Call for Nominations

Organizations such as the National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) and the Forte Foundation have done much to support the promotion of talented women into corporate leadership positions. The UST NAWMBA chapter has grown exponentially in recent years as it helps prepare women for careers in finance and a variety of other business disciplines.
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“Hey” is for horses

Recently, I’ve noticed a shift in tone when it comes to email messages from those with questions. Overall, there seems to be a lax feeling with many emails to the point that I’ve received notes that use simply “Hey” for their salutation.
2012 OCB Commencement

Alternatives to the traditional MBA degree

An MBA isn't necessarily the right graduate degree for everyone. I've met with many prospective students over the years who would be better served by pursuing a specialized master's degree in business.

Jargon Genesis: Jump on the Bandwagon

Next time you feel particularly politically inspired, and you’re inclined to jump on the band wagon, just be grateful modern technology has allowed you to do so figuratively, without having to tour the town with a prattling politician.
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Trying to get a lot done? Take a break.

The way most of us work isn’t working. Study after study has shown that companies are experiencing a crisis in employee engagement. A 2007 Towers Perrin survey of nearly 90,000 employees worldwide, for instance, found that only 21% felt fully engaged at work and nearly 40% were disenchanted or disengaged.
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Heading for the top: considering CEO pay

It used to be that CEOs made something like 40 times their average worker's salary, in recent years that has jumped to three or four hundred times the average worker's salary. Many aspiring MBAs are really aspiring CEOs. Who wouldn't say they want a shot at that top spot and the big compensation packages that come along with it?