Jargon Genesis: Résumé

In French, résumé is both a verb, the past participle of résumer (to summarize), and a noun (a summary).

Ready, Set, Read!

First Book provides new books to children in need, addressing one of the most important factors affecting literacy – access to books.
Graduate Commencement

Redefining Our Educational Journey

Like all things, the MBA program does eventually end; however, the learning doesn't have to, nor should it, really. Fortunately, our opportunities for life-long learning are quite endless these days.
Fowler Challenge

Fowler Challenge Awards more than $65,000 in Scholarships

Focused on energizing the entrepreneurial spirit of UST students across campuses and colleges, the Fowler Business Concept Challenge asks students to develop a business concept that has the potential to become a viable, high-growth business.
CISC and Stats Scenes

Decision-making: More Than Analytical Skills

Stats class: Sure, there were formulas, graphs and oodles of computations, but nearly half of the class consisted of a rigorous discussion about effective decision-making, ethics, values and results.

Ask an…Outside consultant

Q: I am starting an international trade association for green marketers. Once we're up and running and have sufficient members, there will be lots of reasons to join. But right now in the beginning stage, how do I show enough value to persuade people to join?
Swimming vs St. Olaf

Life After Grad School: Making it all go Swimmingly

The idea of lifelong learning used to be a bit abstract to me, but now I can’t imagine my life without it. As I ponder the list of things I want to do next, I am finding that the rigor of my MBA program has vastly expanded my view of what’s possible for me to accomplish.
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Finding Stories in Data

I'm a big fan of well-done presentations, like many of those found at TED Talks, and I find that one characteristic of those presentations is good data.
11-251 jazz ensemble

Jargon Genesis: Play by ear

The phrase originally belonged to the music world, referring to musicians who played without music. Many of the world’s greatest performers, especially jazz musicians, played exclusively by ear and were not classically trained.
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From Concept to Commerce: russell+hazel

Christine Plantan, Founder and creative director of russell+hazel engaged the University of St. Thomas’ graduate business community in a Master’s Pub business conversation, I’d like to call, “Bringing Binders to Business.”

Student Profile: Annemarie Hansen

Evening UST MBA student Annemarie Hansen realized that “incorporating business practices into non-profit organization management is fundamental.”
10-250 how we play jim winterer

Zen and the Art of…Business Communications?

Recently I got tired of pushing Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance around the coffee table and picked it up to read. Only a few pages in, I became distracted by two things that had everything and nothing to do with the quality of writing in the book.
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Reports of the death of the MBA have been greatly exaggerated

While certainly some of the people at the root of banking, real estate, and other financial scandals hold MBAs, many other MBA alumni have been working diligently to stabilize the markets, build sustainable businesses, and strike a balance between economic growth and protecting the environment.

Poverty and Prosperity

Evening UST MBA student, Mustafa Omar, says, “I look at poverty as an untapped asset, not a social liability,” and he would know.