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The glass doors

Some say the development one’s mindset is as important in the MBA program as developing an advanced business acumen, writes Evening UST MBA student Lindsey Buhrmann. Between an economics course this summer and an ethics class this semester I have be viewing everything from TV news reports to store specials in a completely different way.
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The Business of Being the Bike Man

Erik Saltvold, better known throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin as “Erik the Bike Man,” CEO of Erik’s Bike Shop recently spoke at Master’s Pub.

Faculty Feature: Dr. Regina Anctil

Dr. Anctil joined the University of St. Thomas Accounting Department faculty in 2005 after gaining “real world” business experience in her career at Arthur Anderson and Co.
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Do We Need a “Moral Operating System”?

Think about the amount of data a company like Google has about you: what you’ve searched for, who you’ve emailed, your birthday, address, etc. Now consider the ethics of what a company can do with all that data – or more importantly what they should do.

Only you can conserve pixels!

Scary, but true: Because of the inefficient use of electronic media of all kinds over the past two decades, the world will likely face a pixel shortage in the near future.
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Ask the Ethics Officer

I have classmates who share their notes and work on practice exams together. I sometimes use these materials to study for exams but I don’t feel comfortable sharing my own notes with others. Is this fair? Am I ‘cheating’?
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Regarding a Defense of the Scholarly Life

As the economy continues to founder and we face mounting pressures to do more with less and act more like a business, we will do well to keep in mind our true purpose as members of an academic institution. We must not lose sight of our higher calling.

Don’t Be a Lazy Job-Seeker

Heavy job competition due to the current unemployment rate has made it more and more difficult to “post and pray.”
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BizTube: Know the Marketplace

When you’re in a competitive business situation, be attuned to the marketplace. There might come a time when with one small push, you can become the industry leader.

Changing the World, One Pair of Jeans at a Time

Back-to-school means shopping for a whole new wardrobe and school supplies for your children. In spirit of the back-to-school season, Cotton has been promoting their From Blue to Green® program.

Five Essential MBA Career Sites

60-90% of jobs are not found on the Internet and instead come from your network of family, friends and colleagues. How, then, can the Internet be used as a career search tool? It's best used to research and expand your knowledge on what is happening in your industry now.
Corn on the cob at Taste of Saints, lower quad, photo taken November 8, 2008.

The Corn-on-the-cob King of the Minnesota State Fair

A highlight for many Minnesota State Fair-lovers is the announcement of new food vendors each summer. A battle of sorts is waged every year as new products are promoted and tested, with a limited amount of accepted applicants.
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Starting your MBA? Read this first.

With so many people starting their MBAs we came across this post, Starting your MBA? Read this first, by Alex Taussig, a blogger and venture capitalist who invests in technology startups.
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UST’s own Math Genius

Dr. Sanjeev Bordoloi’s research focuses on service management, including health care. He also has conducted research in the entertainment industry on subjects such as Disney and the Minnesota Twins.