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Meet Gloria Bazooband Toledo ’10 M.B.A.

The Evening UST MBA has been the best professional decision I have ever made, writes Gloria Bazooband Toledo ’10 M.B.A. Businesses are looking for individuals with advanced knowledge and credentials, and I know I will receive the best education possible here, while still balancing my work and family life
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The myth of the value of diamonds

Gearing up for Valentine's day? Thinking of "popping the question" tomorrow? Here is some essential reading for anyone pondering the purchase of a dia...
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Shark Tank – VCs on TV!

Let me set a scene for you: it's Friday night. It's been a long, hard week of work. The time has come to unwind, and what better way to do it than to ...
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Business Advice from Best Buy Founder Richard Schulze

When the St. Thomas alumni office hosted Richard Schulze, chairman and founder of Best Buy, for the First Friday speaker series, I jumped at the chance to attend. After all, how often does one have the opportunity to learn from the founder of a major corporation with more than 1,100 stores across the U.S. and even more opening around the world?
OCB Marketing Conversation

Faculty Profile: Dr. John Sailors

Perhaps Dr. Sailors’ most notable contribution to the OCB is his Applied Business Research class taught in the Full-time UST MBA program. In this class, students are required to complete extremely complex research projects for real clients.
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Faculty Profile: Dr. John Sailors

At the beginning of Dr. John Sailors’ undergraduate studies, he had no intention of ever being called “Dr.” He began his studies at the University o...
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How to Become Beyond Average

In Graduate Business Career Services we have long been addressing the importance of differentiating, standing out, and making yourself desirable to pr...
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Picturing Success

Inc. magazine recently featured an article titled “How to Excel at Anything.”Author, Jeff Haden offers a clever comparison between sports and...
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Open New Doors (with an MBA)

Having trouble opening new career doors? Consider the ways an MBA can help. (We had a great post this spring titled "Why You Should Get Your MBA.") ...
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The Value of the Capstone

Upon returning from the holiday break, my first order of duty was to conduct a survey of recent UST MBC “capstone” students. Communication Leadership ...
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Worst Practices: SMS Scam

This post, by Steve Borsch, is being republished from Minnov8, a website that focuses on technology innovation in the State of Minnesota.Sick with t...
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A Snapshot of B-School J-term

How would I handle back-to-back days of class on what was supposed to be my downtime from a very busy job? Surprisingly well, I found out, because I love my class, writes Lindsey Buhrmann.
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Why the web is "going dark" today

The website Copyblogger has a great post on the Stop Online Piracy Act—the reason sites like Wikipedia are "dark" today. Here are a few highlights. ...
10-240 OCB MBA Arun Deivasigamani

Meet Arun Deivasigamani ’08 M.B.A.

The Evening UST MBA was the perfect choice for me, writes Arun Deivasigamani '08 M.B.A. The courses were demanding but highly relevant and rewarding. The workload was appropriate for a working professional, and I was able to balance my school, work, family and social life successfully while completing the program in less than three years.