Changing the World, One Pair of Jeans at a Time

Back-to-school means shopping for a whole new wardrobe and school supplies for your children. In spirit of the back-to-school season, Cotton has been promoting their From Blue to Green® program.

Five Essential MBA Career Sites

60-90% of jobs are not found on the Internet and instead come from your network of family, friends and colleagues. How, then, can the Internet be used as a career search tool? It's best used to research and expand your knowledge on what is happening in your industry now.
Corn on the cob at Taste of Saints, lower quad, photo taken November 8, 2008.

The Corn-on-the-cob King of the Minnesota State Fair

A highlight for many Minnesota State Fair-lovers is the announcement of new food vendors each summer. A battle of sorts is waged every year as new products are promoted and tested, with a limited amount of accepted applicants.
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Starting your MBA? Read this first.

With so many people starting their MBAs we came across this post, Starting your MBA? Read this first, by Alex Taussig, a blogger and venture capitalist who invests in technology startups.
10-147 OCB after dark

UST’s own Math Genius

Dr. Sanjeev Bordoloi’s research focuses on service management, including health care. He also has conducted research in the entertainment industry on subjects such as Disney and the Minnesota Twins.
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Dustin Sayre, Real Estate Project Development Specialist

A specialist in the development of senior housing communities with Senior Housing Partners, a division of Presbyterian Homes, Dustin is on his way to completing the MSRE degree this December and continuing to excel in the development business.
President at the Fair

St Thomas’ own “great Minnesota get-together”

This year Fair-goers can also exhibit their singing talent in a "giant sing along, karaoke style," show their endurance in the 5K Milk Run, and navigate over 320 acres of land in search of that perfect pronto pup. What a great way to spend some time at the end of August...which gets me back to St Thomas’ own "great Minnesota get-together"—Full-time MBA Launch!
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One Thing You Don’t Want to Hear From a VP

Bottom line: top management and executive type jobs are all about delegating and managing. If these two things are not in place, hopefully the CEO is able to spot this and do something about it.

How Rude!

A working network requires a network that can be worked.
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What I wish I’d known–Advice from MBA grads

As our students prepare to start classes just three short weeks from now, that they (and anyone else considering pursuing an MBA in the future) could benefit from some words of wisdom from those who have completed their degree.

Twin Cities tops nation in volunteerism

A report released by the federal Corporation for National and Community Service says an average of 37.1 percent of Twin Cities residents volunteered annually over a three-year period covering 2008-2010.
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BizTube: Know Your Consumer

In the old days, businesses operated on a “make-and-sell” model, pushing products to market and being assured people would buy them, and they did! But in today’s competitive marketplace, with information instantly in consumers’ hands, businesses have to be much savvier about knowing their consumer.
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Framing Organizational Behavior

While it was interesting to study the various theories and ways that people may view the world in her organizational behavior class, Lindsey Buhrmann truly appreciated learning how to become a savvier business person who will bring value to an organization.
several Aquin student staff at typewriters and on the telephone

Happy 20th anniversary to the World Wide Web

It's hard to imagine getting through the day without using e-mail, browsing websites, making online purchases, or connecting with friends and colleagues via social media. Yet just 20 years ago, office technology was very, very different.

From Mad Men roots to cutting-edge PR

The Star Tribune profiled top public relations firm Padilla Speer Beardsley, led by Lynn Casey, a UST Evening MBA alumna and this year's Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal Women in Business Career Achievement honoree.
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MBA Lesson #1: Time Management

Like students at most full-time MBA programs around the world, incoming students at UST have many pre-assignments to take care of before starting the program in September.