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Bold Conversations and New Directions

Studies show that a diverse workforce benefits the entire company. But “diversity and inclusion” is a phrase used so often (it even has an acronym: D&...
J-term group visits the Taj Mahal

Diversity Drives a Mega Market

When I first learned of the opportunity to study abroad in India, my immediate thought was, "What better way to experience the country!" The structure...
Voting Booths

I’m Going to Vote Today!

Aaron Sackett, associate professor of marketing, was recently named as a finalist in the Knight Cities Challenge for his project, titled “I’m Going to Vote Today!” which aims to increase voter turnout using a “behavioral intervention.”
Michael Porter

Silly Walks and the Fractal Brand

Having had the good fortune to be at a recent Schulze School of Entrepreneurship event featuring John Cleese, I was surprised to see people getting up...
Jim Arnold

Outside Consultant Features Jim Arnold

On Sunday, February 7, Jim Arnold, professor of communications at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, was featured in the Star Trib...
Mufaddal Baxamusa

Ready For the Rebound

A variety of news sources have reported that 2015 was a record year for global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity, with health care and techn...
Unique Pontoons

You’re Gonna Need a Better Boat

Jeremy Little wanted to be an entrepreneur long before he knew what the word meant. In third grade, when his teacher passed out index cards and told t...
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And So It Begins…

A student-eyed view of the Opus College of Business Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics
Kaitlin Langer and the Tommies psych up before a women's basketball game versus Gustavus Adolphus College.

Winning with Integrity

Is it possible to win with integrity? That was the question debated on Thursday, January 28 during Winning with Integrity, a special forum exploring t...
Sydney Corliss '15 in Hong Kong

Finding Good Fortune in Hong Kong

Since our profile of Sydney Corliss '15 posted late last year, much has already changed for this recent grad and avid adventurer as she embarks on a c...
Executive MBA Cohort 66

Gaining a Global Perspective

The 24 members of Cohort 66 of the Executive MBA (EMBA) program are business professionals from diverse backgrounds, industries and professions. Howev...