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Student Profile: Emily Pearl

Emily Pearl grew up in Vadnais Heights, Minn., the youngest of four children. She remembers a particular childhood game she and her siblings would play which was called “Bigger or Better.” This game consisted...
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The New Normal and the Changing Labor Market

Forbes' Abram Brown recently posted an article on America's shrinking workforce that relates closely to a recent UST Master's Pub featuring Tom Gillaspy, Minnesota's state demographer. Below are excerpts from B...
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CBRE’s Service Strategy and Local Market Insights

Last week at UST’s Executive Insight Series, Senior Managing Director of CBRE, Whit Peyton, shared how CBRE has competitively structured services in the new marketplace and communicated local market insights....
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A Recruiter’s Guide to Job Seeking

Ever wanted to get inside a recruiter’s head? What is he or she thinking when you are relaying past experiences and attempting to answer those behavioral interview questions succinctly with the right amount of ...
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QR Codes: Good, Bad or Just Ugly

One of the fathers of modern American advertising once said, “You are NOT right if in your ad you stand a man on his head JUST to get attention. You ARE right if you have him on his head to show how your produc...
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Beware the GMAT…and the Ides of March

Poor Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times on this day, the Ides of March, in 44 B.C. For many in our readership, March is the time to get serious about studying for the GMAT. If you would prefer Caesar’s fate t...

The Blame Game

Do we live in a culture of blame? Some writers at The Economist magazine think so. In fact, a 2008 column in the magazine went so far as to claim that Western cultures have become “dominated and warped by blame.” When it came to assigning responsibility, The Economist called out news media directly for their role in promoting blame.
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New Tool, Creates Infographics Co.Design:"Before PowerPoint, you had to go find a designer to create a custom presentation," says Stew Langille. "Even though everyone hates PowerPoi...
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Which Comes First, the Culture or the Brand?

In the consumer marketplace, there are any number of truly iconic brands. But when you put aside brands like Coke and Walmart that are ubiquitous mostly because of their heritage or size, some of the most power...
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Use Simple Language to Make Your Message Spread

A plethora of academics use baroque vernacular to articulate significance. Huh?  Let’s try that again.  A large number of students use big words to try to sound important.  Does it work?  Not really, according ...
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MBA Alumna Making Waves – Literally

This post is by Jeff Kaczrowski, Assistant Director, Graduate Business AlumniLarissa Rodriguez, MBA ’11, created a personal incentive for completing the Evening UST MBA in the spring of 2011—a trip of a lifet...

UST MBA Profile: Jeff Turrittin

As a child, Jeff Turrittin watched his mother pour over the business section of the newspaper, calculating rates of return and predicting growth on various stocks. As a 10-year-old, he was “so enthralled” by what his mother had taught him that he requested—and recieved—stock for Christmas.