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Jargon Genesis: Résumé

In a recent Jargon Genesis about vis-à-vis, I discussed the multitude of French words that have infiltrated our daily conversations. Today, let’s add résumé to that list. It is important that I include...
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Ready, Set, Read!

The UST First Book group ventured off-campus this week for their second reading at Nellie Stone Johnson on the North side of Minneapolis.  I was part of a ten person volunteer team that committed an hour of...
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Redefining Our Educational Journey

This post is written by Evening UST MBA student Larissa Rodriguez, a full-time marketing and communications executive. A funny thing happened recently. With only one core (Capstone) and one elective class...
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TC3 Football Tourney Benefits Make-a-Wish

Nine teams gathered from organizations throughout the Twin Cities and went head to head (literally, at times) in TC3 Sports’ charity flag football tournament last weekend. This event was made possible by the...
Fowler Challenge

Fowler Challenge Awards more than $65,000 in Scholarships

Focused on energizing the entrepreneurial spirit of UST students across campuses and colleges, the Fowler Business Concept Challenge asks students to develop a business concept that has the potential to become a viable, high-growth business.
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Opus College of Business Blood Drive, October 25-26

Have you ever considered how interesting the supply chain management must be for blood donation organizations like the American Red Cross? Well, here’s a brief overview of the process. Perhaps some of you...
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The "world win" and other language abominations

So, I have an axe to grind and am not going to “aks” whether you care. Even in academia, people prove daily how little of the English language they have actually learned through reading.  Daily reminders...
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Applying talents in the non-profit sector

Over 25 years (minus a one year “blip”). That’s how long UST MBC (Master of Business Communication) student Jane Austin has been applying her talents to a career in the non-profit sector. Perhaps her...
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Decision-making: more than analytical skills

This post, cross-posted from Frame+ology, is written by Evening UST MBA student Larissa Rodriguez, a full-time marketing and communications executive. When I started my MBA program back in the fall of 2008, my...
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New electronic resource available – SimplyMap

UST Libraries offers access to a new database that allows users to make custom maps and reports using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. Use SimplyMap to create legible, detailed thematic maps for...
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Ask an…Outside consultant

UST MBC Director Dr. Michael Porter answers reader questions in the Star Tribune: Q I am starting an international trade association for green marketers. Once we're up and running and have sufficient members,...
Sameer Kumar

Dr. Sameer Kumar Receives Goodeve Medal

Dr. Sameer Kumar, has been awarded the 2010 Goodeve Medal in recognition of the most outstanding contribution to the philosophy, theory or practice of Operational Research.
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Life After Grad School: Making it all go Swimmingly

This post is written by Evening UST MBA student Larissa Rodriguez, a full-time marketing and communications executive. Like many of my classmates who are nearing the end of their degree program, I am suddenly...
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Finding stories in data

I'm a big fan of well-done presentations, like many of those found at TED Talks, and I find that one characteristic of those presentations is good data. So often we see the simple bar graph or pie chart, but...
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A man of high energy and accomplishment

Disclaimer: reading this profile may leave you feeling vicariously exhausted. Full-time UST MBA Brett Wong is a man of high energy and accomplishment. He spent his formative years in Boulder, Colorado, where...
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Jargon Genesis: Play by ear

“Play by ear” has infiltrated the English language to mean that a situation is handled in an impromptu manner, not pre-planned. In the business world, I have most often heard it used in the context of...
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Jargon Genesis: Thrown Under the Bus

For some weeks, I’ve wondered where “thrown under the bus,” and its variations originated. Unfortunately, my etymological research availed little. I like to think the phrase comes from a...
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Center for Health & Medical Affairs Awarded AHRQ Contract

The Center for Health and Medical Affairs at the University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business was awarded a unique contract to develop a curriculum on strategy execution by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.