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CEBC Announces Best Paper Competitions

To promote and recognize research in corporate responsibility, the Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) at the Universit of St. Thomas has launched two best paper competitions – both titled the CEBC...
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Jargon Genesis: Across the Board

“Management is making cuts ‘across the board’ to balance the budget next year.” Isn’t that an unpleasant phrase to hear at a company meeting? We all know that “across the board” means inclusive...

MN Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Business Issues on Campus

The Opus College of Business hosted the three major party candidates for Minnesota governor—Representative Tom Emmer (R), former Senator Mark Dayton (D), and Mr. Tom Horner (I)—for a debate Tuesday moderated by Dean Christopher Puto. The candidates outlined their strategies for job creation, economic growth and energy issues.
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The Talented Woman behind “House of Talents”

Has answering the telephone ever changed your life?  For entrepreneur and Full-time UST MBA alumna Kate Herzog, it did!   Kate had recently visited the University of St. Thomas’ Full-time MBA website and...
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Jargon Genesis: Actionable

In the last Jargon Genesis, we learned that business people shamelessly stole “benchmark” from surveyors. The time before, it was the poor circus folks that originated the “bandwagon,” which we stole....
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The outsourcing forecast: Becoming cloudy

For the past 20 years, outsourcing has reshaped the world's economy.  Most manufacturing operations have shifted to developing countries, while technology service providers have thrived in countries such...
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“Hey” is for horses

Working in admissions gives me the opportunity to have frequent contact with interested parties and applicants to the Full-time MBA program.  Recently, I’ve noticed a shift in tone when it comes to email...
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Jargon Genesis: Benchmark

Have you ever benchmarked your product against competitors to determine your place in the market? Have you stopped to think where “benchmark” came from? Well, you have surveyors to thank for this week’s...
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How to improve your academic preparation for the MBA

With the start of the new academic year less than a month away, I thought this blog post from was very timely.  Incoming MBA students often ask our admissions and student life team about how they can...
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Alternatives to the traditional MBA degree

Having worked with MBA programs for almost a decade, I have seen time and again how useful an MBA education can be for students with various educational backgrounds, professional experiences, and career...
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Jargon Genesis: Jump on the Bandwagon

It seems fitting that politicians would adopt a technique and its related jargon that was initially used by circus performers. I’ve often felt like I was at a circus when watching a political debate. But I...
CEBC Competitors

Full-time UST MBA Team Wins Spot in National Ethics Competition

The winners of the spring CEBC Ethics Case Competition will represent the University of St. Thomas as one of five teams invited to compete in the Intercollegiate Business Ethics Case Competition (IBECC) at the upcoming 2010 ECOA Annual Ethics and Compliance Conference (AECC) September 22-24 in Anaheim, California.
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Trying to get a lot done? Take a break.

The way most of us work isn’t working. Study after study has shown that companies are experiencing a crisis in employee engagement. A 2007 Towers Perrin survey of nearly 90,000 employees worldwide, for...
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Heading for the top: considering CEO pay

It used to be that CEOs made something like 40 times their average worker's salary, in recent years that has jumped to three or four hundred times the average worker's salary. Many aspiring MBAs are really...
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A view from the classroom chair: Into Thin Air

Since I last posted an entry to this blog, I have been accepted to and enrolled in the Evening UST MBA Program.  I have completed 7 out of 10 classes in Dr. John Mirocha’s MGMT 600 class, Management of...
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Ask the expert: How to hire for growth

In the Star Tribune's weekly business-advice column featuring faculty experts from UST’s Opus College of Business, Dr. Jack Militello of the Management Department answers: Q Our company is growing quickly...