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Business Impact of #Blizzaster 2010

As we are digging out from what I am attempting to coin "Blizzaster 2010" (in response to the East Coast's "Snowmageddon"/"Snowpocalypse" looks like some people thought of it before us) I thought it...
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First-Year MBAs Delivering Final Presentations Today

Our first year students today are presenting the results of their semester-long business simulation, LINKS. This sophisticated business simulation project is a launching pad for students in the first semester...
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Twin Cities residents are prepared for retirement

The financial turmoil of the past three years has greatly impacted many Americans' financial plans for retirement.  However, Twin Cities residents may be faring better than most, according to a recent survey...
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What it Takes to Become CFO of the Year

Kim Nelson has only been a chief financial officer since 2007, when she joined SPS Commerce Inc. But she’s already achieved one thing few other CFOs have in that time: A successful initial public...
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2011 Julie Hays Teaching Award call for Nominations

Award recognizes faculty committed to teaching and learning Nominations for the second annual Julie Hays Teaching Award are now being accepted. Introduced in 2009, this annual award was created to recognize...
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Learning to Fail

This post was written by Evening UST MBA student Larissa Rodriguez, a full-time marketing and communications executive. Last week in my New Venture Strategies class, our professor invited Dan Hanlon (a...

Make it Happen: Effective Execution in Healthcare Leadership

Daniel B. McLaughlin, director of the Center for Health and Medical Affairs at the Opus College of Business, has published a new book based on the best practices of leading health care delivery systems, examples from the business world and research findings.
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America's hottest holiday toy is from….Minnetonka? Surprisingly, the hottest holiday gift for the age 4 to 8 demographic is not made by Mattel or Hasbro or one of the other big players in the multi-billion dollar toy...
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Is a “contemporary translation” smart?

Unless you know the author personally, and have been scientifically proven to be a better writer than the originator, it’s probably best not to attempt a direct “translation” of a major work or seminal document.
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Jargon Genesis: Champing at the Bit

Dr. Michael Porter recently informed us that “chomping at the bit” is, in fact, incorrect when referring to being impatient or anxious. Admittedly, this was news to me! So, armed with my newfound...

China’s Newest Dynasty

While other countries have struggled during the recession, China has charged ahead. How did the world?s now second-largest economy avoid the freefall while preparing for world dominance?