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ECOA Conference

Conference on “Building and Sustaining an Ethical Culture” Set for Nov. 2-4
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Jargon Genesis: Pinch Hitter

As a follow-up to last week's three-post-series on the business of baseball, we thought we would share the beginnings of some business lingo that came from baseball. “If I can’t make it to the...
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Going green: Purchasing a Prius

About a month ago, my husband and I joined the one million US owners of the Toyota Prius.  We had been talking about getting a fuel efficient, hybrid vehicle for quite some time.  After much debate, my...
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Faculty Feature: Lawrence Chui

When Dr. Lawrence Chui was a young boy, growing up in Hong Kong, he vowed to his parents that he would never become an accountant or a teacher. Interestingly, he is now a new professor of accounting in the...
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The Business of Baseball

In anticipation of the Minnesota Twins' first three-game home series of the season this weekend, we're creating a three-post series of our own looking at the business of baseball.   Today we'll examine the...
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Are you having fun at work?

April 5 is national “Fun at Work Day,” but according to an article I spotted in the St. Petersburg Times, many people on the east side of the Twin Cities won’t be celebrating.  A study put out by...
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College seniors: plan ahead for your MBA

In many disciplines, it is common for college seniors to pursue graduate studies immediately after completing their undergraduate degree.  This is the case for law and medical school as well as many types of...
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Start-ups: Connect your Strategy with Design

Recently, an associate asked me to provide some consulting to a promising start-up company that needs “PR help.”  Experience indicates that this request for tactical communication assistance really...

The Value of an Elective Abroad…in Hong Kong

Global Financial Services was one of the most important classes that I took during my UST MBA .  The course gave me practical experience in an emerging economic power.  In the next 20 years, China will...