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The high price of loyalty

Have you heard about the approaching "Bank Transfer Day" — on which "thousands are signing up to leave large banks in favor of credit unions on or before Saturday, November 5"? It's no easy task to just...
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Rethinking your Weaknesses

This post comes from the “CareerLink” blog by the Graduate Business Career Services office in the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota. The idea of doubling your strengths...
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QS World MBA Tour visits Minneapolis on Friday

For more than a decade, the QS World MBA Tour has organized MBA fairs in major cities on every inhabited continent in the world.  While New York, London, Shanghai, and Buenos Aires have long been part of the...
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Ask the Ethics Officer: Pulling Your Own Weight

Dear Ethics Officer, I have a group member who does not pull their weight, yet their name ends up on all group assignments. I want to learn to address this situation without conflict, so I know how to deal...
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Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

By Larissa Rodriguez, MBA (’11), a full-time marketing executive in the health care industry When I graduated with my MBA degree this past May, I expected to spend my first summer in three years enjoying a...
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Internships and networking go hand-in-hand

The Financial Times recently reported on the results of a Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) survey, which showed that MBA graduates who completed an internship during their studies were...

Faculty Feature: Dr. Regina Anctil

Dr. Anctil joined the University of St. Thomas Accounting Department faculty in 2005 after gaining “real world” business experience in her career at Arthur Anderson and Co.
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Ask the Ethics Officer

I have classmates who share their notes and work on practice exams together. I sometimes use these materials to study for exams but I don’t feel comfortable sharing my own notes with others. Is this fair? Am I ‘cheating’?
10-147 OCB after dark

UST’s own Math Genius

Dr. Sanjeev Bordoloi’s research focuses on service management, including health care. He also has conducted research in the entertainment industry on subjects such as Disney and the Minnesota Twins.
Daryl Koehn poses for a portrait in Schulze Hall on Friday, October 11, 2013.

Faculty Feature: Dr. Daryl Koehn

Dr. Koehn joined the Opus College of Business as a full-time faculty member in ethics and business law development in the fall of 2010.
OCB Commencement

Jargon Genesis: Pomp and Circumstance

Many of you had the distinct honor of walking down an aisle, mortarboard on head, participating in a ceremony to commemorate the attainment of your UST graduate business degree.
Graduate Commencement

Where One Road Ends, Another Begins

I’ve spent the past three years (17 classes and about 2,300 hours) focused fairly exclusively on my studies. Many of my hobbies and social pursuits had to go by the wayside (and in some cases, stop altogether) while I dedicated a lot of my time to school. As much sacrifice as this has required, every second has been worth it. And then some.