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Five(+) Steps to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

With the experience of creating two distinct product lines and eventually selling these brands to S.C. Johnson, Monica Nassif, founder of Caldrea and Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day shared her steps to starting a...
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$50,000 bonus after five years with your company

What would you think if someone told you you’d receive a $50,000 bonus if you stayed in your job for five years?  My guess is that most people would think, “it’s too good to be true” or “you’ve...

Small Is Beautiful

Chris Cook '09 M.B.A. embraces the benefits of working for a small business.


Melissa Palank '01 makes things happen.

The A Team

Margaret Murphy '02 M.B.A. starts from scratch to build an agency for the future.
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Minnesota: The Rankings Don't Lie

This post comes from the Fall 2011 edition of B. Magazine, and is by Grace Hertel '11 It’s time for Minnesota to dust off its trophy case. In the past 10 years, the nation has realized what we at the Opus...
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“Fall Back” and Fall Asleep

Autumn has come and gone, but many of us in the Midwest (with the above average temperatures) continue to fool ourselves that it’s just late summer or the early part of fall.  Winter is still months away! ...
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The Business of Trust: Better Business Bureau

Q & A with Dana Badgerow Interview conducted and edited by Lisa Guyott in the Fall 2011 Edition of B. Magazine. From a vigilance committee to secret shoppers, the president and CEO of the Better Business...
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Finding the Fit

We in admissions enjoy sifting through our applications, noting why each applicant has interest in an MBA, how they foresee themselves utilizing it, and what specifically brought them to apply to the...