The Capoeira Club performs during the 27th Annual International Dinner April 30, 2016, in the Anderson Student Center's Woulfe Alumni Hall. Capoeira is a form of martial arts dance originating in Brazil.

How It Works: The Birth of a New Club

For Chi Alpha and other new clubs, getting up and running on the St. Thomas campus is a process of critical reflection and commitment to supporting the university's misison.
Classmates in the 2015 J-Term course "Spooks, Psychics and Skeptics in the UK" experiment with a Ouija board. (Photo courtesy of Greg Robinson-Riegler)

The Science of Skeptics and Spirits

Professors Greg Robinson-Riegler and Britain Scott have parlayed their interest in the paranormal into research and a J-Term class on the psychology behind it.
Anderson Student Center

The Tommie Transformation

St. Thomas has been educating students since 1885. How has the student body changed during the last 130 years?
George Ellis

Keeping Your Heart in the Game

George Ellis '04 has found many ways to use the game he loves – basketball – as a tool for helping improve young lives around the world.
Missy Pederson

Reading the Green

From hard courts to fairways, Missy Pederson ’02 stays in the game.
A task list taped to a wall is shown February 11, 2015 at the Minneapolis offices of Minnesota Ice Sculptures. The company was started by student Robbie Harrell (business).

List of Lists: A Love Story

We love lists, but why? As the Newsroom kicks off its List of Lists series we examine what it is about those handy, bite-sized information organizers we enjoy so much.
Members of several different female religious order study in the O'Shaughnessy Library at the College of St. Thomas, 1960.

The First Coeds

The gender barrier on campus was broken long before the class of 1981.