• Treadmill

      The Scroll: Rats on a Wheel

      Susan Alexander has run across an interesting study about the effect of exercise on rat intelligence, and she suggests today in The Scroll that the results that be useful to us humans, too.

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    • The Scroll: Google vs. UST

      Susan Alexander was intrigued when she read that Google had been named Fortune magazine’s best place to work in the world for the fourth consecutive year. Just what kind of amenities does Google offer? She checked them out and offers a report – and her analysis of how St. Thomas stacks up – today in The Scroll.

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    • Lisa Weier

      The Scroll: The Legend of the ‘Sciarpa della Vittoria’

      Junior Lisa Weier is studying in Rome this semester – studying and, of course, checking out the Italian culture and bargaining with street vendors for their wares. In The Scroll today, read about her adventure in buying a scarf.

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    • The Scroll: It’s Take a Tommie to Lunch Time!

      When Diane Kulseth graduated from St. Thomas in 2011, she decided not to get over-involved with activities for a year. Then she saw the Take a Tommie to Lunch invitation and couldn’t resist, having been mentored by an alumna during her senior year. Diane writes about that experience today in The Scroll in hopes that you – students and alumni alike – will sign up for the program by March 5.

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    • Campus Aerials

      Undergraduate Tuition Will Increase 4.5 Percent Next Year

      Tuition rates will increase 4.5 percent for undergraduate students and an average of 3.3 percent for graduate students beginning this summer, the St. Thomas Board of Trustees decided Thursday. The board approved the increases as part of the university’s 2013-2014 budget, which also calls for a 2.5 percent increase in overall funding for the faculty and staff salary pool.

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    • President Elect Julie Sullivan

      Welcome, President-Elect Sullivan

      The St. Thomas Board of Trustees elected Dr. Julie Sullivan, executive vice president and provost of the University of San Diego, as the first woman and the first lay person to serve as president of the University of St. Thomas in its 128-year history.

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    • M Basketball vs Wooster National Championship

      The Scroll: Hail to the Seniors!

      Over the last four years, Dr. John Tauer has had the pleasure of coaching five outstanding student-athletes who will be honored Wednesday at “Senior Night” when the men’s basketball team takes on St. Olaf in Schoenecker Arena. In The Scroll today, Tauer reflects on the special character of these men, who have contributed to a 98-15 record and four consecutive MIAC championships.

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    • 081016mde165_004

      The Scroll: One Gone, One Gained

      St. Thomas junior Rachel Murray didn’t think she would have anything in common with Cierra, a Cristo Rey High School student, when they began working together last fall as part of a St. Thomas class. But then Cierra stepped up and comforted Rachel as she dealt with the death of a friend, and Rachel’s impression of the teenager changed dramatically. Carol Bruess writes about their encounter today in The Scroll.

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    • Aquinas Hall (AQU) is shown through snow-covered trees after a winter storm April 1, 2008.

      The Scroll: Observations From the ‘Peanut Gallery’

      Dave Nimmer has some suggestions – he calls them “obstreperous observations” – that he wants to share about what’s going on at St. Thomas, and he hopes people take him seriously. Read about what’s on his mind today in The Scroll.

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    • O'Shaughnessy Hall Time Capsule

      The Scroll: Myth or Fact?

      (Mis)information drives Susan Alexander crazy, regardless of whether the issue is as global as the effectiveness of the gold standard or as local as whether St. Thomas has special programs to recruit and support veterans. She addresses those issues today in The Scroll and also offers a quiz!

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    • Thanh Pham

      Final Thoughts: The Importance of National Championships

      I will never forget the looks on the faces of three St. Thomas coaches when their teams won national championships.

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    • Marianne Short

      Trustee Profile: A Voice of Reason

      Marianne Short considers herself fortunate to have been counseled by brilliant lawyers and wise judges throughout her career, but she believes the best advice she ever received was from her father when she was a child – and it had little to do with her chosen profession.

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    • Campus Scene

      The Scroll: Snow Turns Students Into Good Samaritans

      There is nothing like a foot of snow to turn Tommies into roving Good Samaritans, Doug Hennes writes today in The Scroll. He cites three thank-you notes written about students whose good deeds helped neighbors deal with the nasty weather and, in the process, spread “the true Christmas spirit” and inspired a girl to act with kindness toward others.

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    • Traves Lundberg

      The Scroll: The Smiling Face of Coffee Bené

      Traves Lundberg has a special place in Dave Nimmer’s heart. He brews a perfect cup of coffee in Coffee Bené in O’Shaughnessy-Frey Library, and he loves fishing. As a result, Dave calls Traves a “five-day-a-week Christmas present” today in The Scroll.

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    • Tommies Fall to Mount Union in D3 Football National Championship

      St. Thomas’ bid for a national football championship ended Friday night with a 28-10 loss to Mount Union in the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl.

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    • Volleyball National Championship

      The Scroll: Happy Birthday, Title IX!

      In this 40th year of Title IX, the federal regulation that mandates equity for women in collegiate sports programs, Susan Alexander salutes the St. Thomas team that won the national volleyball championship last month. She writes today in The Scroll that she couldn’t be prouder of our women student-athletes and how they balance sports and academics.

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    • McLean making Chili

      The Scroll: Cornbread and Calculus

      A student wondered what it would be like to be a kid at Carol Bruess’ dinner table, so the communication and journalism professor teamed up with her paired-course partner, Jeff McLean of the Mathematics Department, and invited the class over. Bruess tells you what happened – and what they ate – today in The Scroll.

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    • The Scroll: Ten Things I ‘Hate’ About St. Thomas

      Susan Alexander says one complaint she hears about The Scroll is that “it is too upbeat and pleased with everything purple.” In an effort to provide a little balance, she came up with a list of 10 things she doesn’t care for at St. Thomas. You can read them today in The Scroll.

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    • The Scroll: Being Present

      A sentimental Lisa Weier is discovering the increasing importance of the need to be present to people here and now. She explains why today in The Scroll.

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    • Robert Vischer

      Robert Vischer Named School of Law Dean

      Robert Vischer, associate dean for academic affairs and a professor in the St. Thomas School of Law since 2005, will become the new dean of the school, effective Jan. 1. Vischer will succeed Neil Hamilton on Jan. 1, said Dr. Susan Huber, executive vice president and chief academic officer. Hamilton has served as interim dean since May, when dean Thomas Mengler left to become president of St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas.

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    • Antonio Bernardi

      Antonio Bernardi, Rome Campus Benefactor, Dies

      Antonio Bernardi, a Twin Cities real estate developer whose gift led to the establishment of St. Thomas’ Bernardi Campus in Rome, Italy, died earlier this month.

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    • a mass celebrating alumni who were married in the Chapel of St. Thomas Aquinas

      Monsignor James Habiger, Social Justice Champion, Dies

      Monsignor James Habiger, a champion of social justice issues in the Catholic Church and a longtime pastoral associate in the St. Thomas Campus Ministry Office, died Tuesday. His funeral will be Monday, Oct. 15, at St. Thomas.

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    • Bruce Kramer

      Kramer Announces Medical Leave as Dean of the College of Education, Leadership and Counseling

      Dr. Bruce Kramer announced today that he is taking a leave of absence, effective immediately, as dean of the College of Education, Leadership and Counseling in order to deal with his amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. Kramer told a luncheon meeting of CELC faculty, staff and advisory board members that he believes he no longer can work because of the progression of his ALS, which was diagnosed in December 2010.

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    • Tom Madison

      From Ma Bell to Boardrooms

      A determined and common-sense work ethic always has characterized Tom Madison. “I’m not afraid of hard work,” Madison said. “I just applied all of the principles that I learned on my paper routes … “

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    • ‘Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts’

      Bruce Kramer always had been in excellent physical condition, and he was proud of it. In the summer of 2010, he noticed he had a “floppy” left foot and thought it might be a pinched nerve or sciatica. During his regular physical examination, he mentioned he was “walking a little funny” and the doctor suggested he should see a neurologist. He procrastinated until he took a couple of falls in October, when his left leg collapsed.

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