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Somehow, during January Term, I lucked out and had one of the smartest and most engaging bunch of students in my Family Communication course. They worked hard, keeping up with the grueling “every day is a week”...
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A Most-enlightening Experience

Brady Narloch is back from traveling in Europe this month, and he reports today in The Scroll that all those stories he heard over the years about the virtues of international travel and study were right on the mark.
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The Path to Success

Dave Nimmer likes to listen to St. Thomas baseball coach Dennis Denning talk about how the most important thing in college sports is "the path" and all of the friendships accumulated while on it. Nimmer reflects today in The Scroll on why Denning, who will retire Feb. 1, will be missed so much.

Every Student Tells a Story

Writing application essays that are often inspiring and emotional has become a necessary passage for college-bound students
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How Should we Deal With Information Overload?

Is “information overload” taking its toll on you? Susan Alexander writes today in The Scroll about the issue and asks: “As individuals, how can we keep informed without being swamped by too much information?”

Diamond Mind

When Jake Mauer's playing career was cut short by injury, he found his own way to stay in the game