• J-Term 2014 Study Abroad Courses Announced

    The Study Abroad Fair last week had a great turnout and many students had an additional chance to speak with program representatives about their study abroad opportunities.

    J-Term 2014 courses also were announced:


    • Introduction to Art History in London (first-year students only) – program directors: Craig Eliason and Heather Shirey, University of St. Thomas
    • Philosophy of the Human Person in Hawaii – program directors: Greg Coulter and Michael Winter, University of St. Thomas
    • Regional Geology and Geological Field Methods – program directors: Geology faculty, University of St. Thomas
    • Ethnicity, Multiculturalism and Globalization in Cuban Society – program directors: Donald Miller and Sonia Rey-Montejo, University of St. Thomas
    • Real Estate Market Analysis and Development Planning: Grand Cayman – program directors: Tom and Sharon Hamilton, University of St. Thomas
    • Introduction to Field Research in Costa Rica – program directors: Adam Kay and Tony Lewno, University of St. Thomas
    • Pilgrimage in Italy: The Christian Experience from the Early Church to the Catholic Reformation – program director: Steven McMichael, University of St. Thomas
    • Risk Management and Insurance in London – program directors: Thorsten Moenig and Peter Young, University of St. Thomas
    • Theology 101 in Rome (first-year students only) – program directors: Massimo Faggioli and Michael Hollerich, University of St. Thomas


    • Gender, Race, Class and Mass Media – program directors: Bernard Armada and Mark Neuzil, University of St. Thomas
    • Intermediate Spanish II, Spanish Oral Expression and Culture, and Business Spanish – program directors: Shirley Nieto-Flores and Michael Scham, University of St. Thomas
    • Islam in Turkey – program directors: Adil Ozdemir and Halise Ozdemir, University of St. Thomas
    • Hawaii: Multicultural Communication in Diverse Organizations – program directors: Debra Petersen and Tim Scully, University of St. Thomas
    • The Treasures of Paris and the Ile de France: Patrimoine National or World Heritage? – program directors: Stephanie Lohse and Ashley Shams, University of St. Thomas
    • Mathematics and Mechanics of Byzantine, Greek, Roman and Islamic Architecture – program directors: Michael Hennessey and Cheri Shakiban, University of St. Thomas
    • Religions and Culture in the Villages of India – program directors: Barbara Sain and Ted Ulrich, University of St. Thomas
    • Archeology and History in Rome – program directors: Ivancica and Thomas Schrunk, University of St. Thomas
    • The Greek Connection: Embracing Transcultural Caring in Ancient and Modern Greece
    • Education and Health Care Systems in Tanzania
    • Doing Business with 21st Century China: Opportunities and Challenges
    • India’s Religious Heritage
    • Intersections of Social Health Determinants and Women’s Daily Lives on Maternal and Child Health in India
    • The China Experience: Trans-Cultural View of Rehabilitation Medicine
    • The Political Economy of Thailand
    • West Meets East: United States Cross-Cultural Encounters with Japan
    • Astronomy in the South Pacific
    • British Writers and the Woman Question
    • Chile 2014: Land of Contrasts
    • Cultural Psychology in Northeast Brazil
    • Discovering the Origins of Evolutionary Thought: Charles Darwin, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
    • From the Andes to the Sea: Intercultural Communication in Ecuador


    • American University in Cairo: Winter Session
    • HECUA: Bangladesh: Development and Community
    • Arcadia: Australia: The Power of the Australian Summer
    • AIFS: England: Richmond, The American International University in London
    • AIFS: France: University of Paris IV, Cours de Civilisation Francaise de la Sorbonne
    • AIFS: Italy: Richmond in Florence
    • AIFS: Spain: University of Granada
    • CC-CS: Spanish in Sevilla
    • CIEE: International Business (Seville and Rabat)
    • Goethe Institut German Language (Multiple Sites)
    • IES: Dublin: Acting – Intensive Conservatory Training
    • IES: Rome: From Pontius Pilate to Theodosius: The Advent of Christianity
    • AIFS: Costa Rica: Veritas University
    • HECUA: Ecuador: Social and Political Transformation
    • IES: Santiago, Chile: Health Studies