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UST in the News

Remembering Michael Larson and a last-minute holiday retail outlook make pre-holiday headlines this week.
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Engaging Ads in Streaming Video

There have been a number of new ploys used lately to get the viewer to “engage” with the ads delivered during the streaming video. One asks you to choose your next ad – this is likely done by the network ad sales folks to show that people are paying attention.
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The Bear and a Very Merry Christmas

Bob "The Bear" Schrank and Dave Nimmer were buddies for 45 years, and they celebrated one memory-filled Christmas Eve with Visitation sisters in north Minneapolis. Nimmer recalls what happened that evening in The Scroll.

Roof Collapse at Mall of America (Field)

Do you suppose that the Mall of America ever thought about its brand name being associated with a "roof collapse" when it signed on and paid for the naming rights at the aging Mall of America Field, the nearly thirty year old inflatable indoor venue "formerly known as" the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota?