• Welcome, new faculty, staff members

    The University of St. Thomas welcomes the following new faculty and staff who recently joined the campus community.   

    Welcome to:

    College of Arts and Sciences faculty
    William Barnes, assistant professor – Art History                                                       
    Kerri Carlson, clinical faculty – Biology                                                                     
    Bartholomew Dahl, assistant professor – Chemistry                                                        
    Paola Ehrmantraut, assistant professor – Modern and Classical Languages
    Massimo Faggioli, assistant professor – Theology           
    Gloria Frost, assistant professor –  Philosophy                                                       
    Olga Herrera, instructor – English                                                                                
    Kurt Illig, assistant professor – Biology
    Dr. Mike Klein, clinical faculty, Justice and Peace studies                                                         
    Amy Levad, assistant professor – Theology                                                                             
    Timothy Lewis, assistant professor – Biology                                                              
    Colin Martin, clinical faculty – Biology                                                                     
    Shirley Nieto Flores, clinical faculty – Modern and Classical Languages                   
    Anne Obubuafo, assistant professor – Chemistry                                                        
    Syed Saad, instructor, visiting professor of economics
    Michael Walrath, instructor – Economics                                                                         
    Suzanne Wisniewski, assistant professor – Economics                                                       
    Uta Wolfe, assistant professor – Psychology                                                       

    Opus College of Business faculty
    Chad Brinsfield, instructor – Management                                                                    
    Nakeisha Ferguson, assistant professor – Marketing
    Stephanie Grimm, instructor – Accounting
    Kevin Henderson, instructor – Management 
    Heather Lutz, instructor – Decision Sciences                                                            
    Anant Mishra, instructor – Decision Sciences                                                            
    Jeffrey Oxman, instructor – Finance                                                                               
    Charles Rader, instructor – Marketing                                                                          
    Lorin Robinson, distinguished service professor                                                        
    Aaron Sackett, assistant professor – Marketing                                                        
    Michael Sarafolean, distinguished service professor                                                        
    Sheneeta White, instructor – Decision Sciences

    School of Engineering faculty
    James Ellingson, assistant professor 
    Ramesh Rajagopalan, assistant professor 
    John Wentz, assistant professor  

    School of Law faculty
    Chinwe Esimai, assistant professor 

    School of Social Work faculty
    Katharine Hill, assistant professor 
    Auxiliary Services staff
    Ronald Anderson, supervisor, Minneapolis Service Center 
    Crystal Littlewolf, food service worker, Dining Services 
    Whitney Marsh, cook, Dining Services 
    Chong Thao, cook, Dining Services 

    College of Arts and Sciences staff
    Nicholas Lesmeister, research assistant 

    Opus College of Business staff
    Dustin Cornwell, associate director, MBA Full-Time Admissions

    St. Paul Seminary, School of Divinity staff
    Linda Corrigan, administrative assistant II 

    For more information, call the Human Resources Department, (651) 962-6510.