• Thanks for your years of service

    Faculty and staff members who had completed five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 years of service at the University of St. Thomas were honored at the second annual service award ceremony Oct. 14.

    A special video presentation titled “Reflections,” was shown at the ceremony. The video highlights memorable moments as described by some of the faculty and staff being honored. It takes a nostalgic look at world events and UST happenings in five-year intervals over the past 45 years.

    Anyone interested in viewing this video should contact Colleen Striegel at (651) 962-6511.

    Honorees and their years of service are:

    45 years
    Monsignor Terrence J. Murphy, chancellor

    40 years

    Mohamed A. Selim, Economics

    35 years
    Robert J. Brown, School of Education

    30 years
    Harlow Callander, Accounting
    Joseph P. Schwebel, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science

    25 years
    Gerald M. Anderley, Physical Plant
    Michael J. Evers, Graduate School of Business
    J. Macoubrey Hubbard, Philosophy
    Arthur L. Kennedy, Theology
    John Malone, Entrepreneurship
    Lon Otto, English

    20 years
    Michael O. Bellamy, English
    Josie M. Driscoll, Academic Dean’s Office
    Brian D. Dusbiber, Residence Life
    Catherine R. Gerundo, Instructional Support Services
    Charles M. Gray, Graduate School of Business
    James E. Hundley, Modern and Classical Languages
    Eric Jaede, Quantitative Methods and Computer Science
    John P. Krebsbach, Academic Counseling
    Leigh Lawton, Marketing
    Len F. Minars, Accounting
    Michael S. Rath, Physical Plant
    Paula M. Reed, Physical Plant
    Susan A. Sonnen, Development
    Mary T. Theuer, President’s Office
    Thomas N. Tommet, Physics
    Diane L. Weber, Residence Life
    George E. Williams, Graduate School of Business

    15 years
    M. Christine Athans, School of Divinity
    Marilyn J. Barth, Management Center
    Judith S. Blake, University Relations
    Marsha A. Blumenthal, Economics
    Jeanne G. Buckeye, Graduate School of Business
    Lois E. Dament, School of Continuing Studies
    Sharen L. Darling, School of Divinity
    Judith W. Edwards, Business Office
    Myrna L. Engebretson, School of Education
    Anthony W. Erickson, Bookstore
    Janette M. Erickson, Food Service
    Sharon A. Fischer, Minneapolis Campus Services
    David F. Fritz, Physical Plant
    Janet M. Gould, School of Divinity
    Linda C. Halverson, Computing and Communication Services
    Thomas A. Hodgson, Athletics
    Helen O. Hunter, Academic Affairs
    Donald R. LaMagdeleine, School of Education
    Herbert Laemmle, Athletics
    Gayle H. Lamb, Food Service
    Arlene T. Leyden, University Relations
    Virginia L. Lyons, University Relations
    Thomas B. Mega, History
    Patrick Murphy, Physical Plant
    Theresa Namusisi, Binz Refectory
    Brenda J. Powell, English
    Karen B. Rogers, School of Education
    Paul T. Saiko, School of Divinity
    Janet P. Sands, Food Service
    MaryLou Schmidt, Library
    Richard Schuler, Gainey
    Jerry A. Schwartz, Instructional Support
    Glenn K. Sherer, Biology
    Deborah A. Simmons, School of Education
    Charles E. Smith, Student Affairs
    Gerard M. Stenger, Instructional Support
    Roger A. Stowell, Physical Plant
    Mary T. Swanson, Art History
    Jane M. Wanous, Gainey
    Douglas F. Warring, School of Education
    Heekyung K. Youn, Mathematics

    10 years
    Dennis M. Abbott, Physical Plant
    Mark E. Ahrens, Outreach Programs
    Marie F. Andrews, Academic Affairs
    Ric A. Blechinger, Physical Plant
    David C. Boyd, Chemistry
    Marilyn L. Braatz, Gainey Conference Center
    Bernard V. Brady, Theology
    Darcel K. Brommer, Admissions
    Mary A. Chalkley, Psychology
    Brian L. Clifton, Food Service
    Peter Coffey, Graduate School of Business
    Diana I. Cohen, Graduate School of Business
    Deborah L. Cornell, Graduate School of Business
    Catherine Craft-Fairchild, English
    Thomas M. Davy, Instructional Support
    Dawn R. Elm, Graduate School of Business
    Tora Enestvedt, Binz Refectory
    Carol J. Felton, Division of Sciences and Mathematics
    Kerry D. Frank, School of Education
    Randalynn D. Gerdin, Academic Dean’s Office
    Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Graduate School of Business
    Robert M. Haider, Physical Plant
    Elmer W. Hatch, Physical Plant
    Sandra Hoglund, Management Center
    Marlene L. Houliston, Manufacturing Systems and Engineering
    J. Thomas Ippoliti, Chemistry
    Lezlie J. Jarpe, School of Divinity
    Kenneth W. Kemp, Philosophy
    Janice L. Kragness, library, Minneapolis
    Mitchell E. Kusy, School of Education
    Joyce A. London, Student Financial Services
    Diane M. Luke, School of Continuing Studies
    Gary A. Mabbott, Chemistry
    Raymond N. MacKenzie, Graduate School of Business
    Edward F. Mayer, Registrar
    Wes P. McCarty, Physical Plant
    Earline McCauley, Facilities Scheduling
    John C. McGrath, Physical Plant
    Denise J. McManus, Philosophy
    Kristine J. Melloy, School of Education
    Michael A. Mikolajczak, English
    David H. Nimmer, Journalism
    Elizabeth A. Noyola, Service Center
    James G. Oaks, Physical Plant
    Anna A. Otto, Campus Ministry
    Janice R. Parrott, Academic Counseling
    David Penchansky, Theology
    Carl Platou, Health and Medical Affairs
    Donald J. Roney, Athletics
    Doreen J. Schroeder, Biology
    Dominic E. Serra, School of Divinity
    Melissa A. Shepard-Loe, Mathematics
    Nancy R. Shoen, Graduate School of Business
    Bryan E. Strain, Human Resources
    Cindy J. Sundberg, Computing and Communication Services
    Serene B. Thornton, School of Social Work
    Jean M. Trudeau, Graduate School of Business
    John Van Ingen, Philosophy
    Diane M. Wheelock, Graduate School of Business
    Richard J. Yearneau, Service Center

    Five years
    Donna L. Baisden, Business Affairs
    John P. Barron, Service Ce
    Ronald J. Bennett, Manufacturing and Engineering
    Mary P. Blascziek, Admissions
    Erin M. Bowley, Minnesota Campus Compact
    Robert L. Craig, Journalism
    Dennis L. Denning, Athletics
    Deborah S. Donnelly, Food Service
    Patricia M. Dornisch, Athletics
    Susan I. Evarts, Biology
    George M. Heenan, Entrepreneurship
    W. Randolph Herman, School of Social Work
    Mary M. Hoden, Development
    Mitchell J. Holscher, Bookstore
    John J. Joslin, Development
    Gregory S. Junge, Food Service
    Patricia A. Klein, Residence Life
    Barbara A. Kocik, Art History
    Lisa A. Krebsbach, Graduate School of Business
    Mark N. Langseth, Minnesota Campus Compact
    G. Steven Lybrand, Sociology
    Jan Malcheski, Library
    Eugene J. McGivern, Athletics
    Mary B. McGrath, President’s Office
    Thomas E. McNearney, Food Service
    Cal J. Meland, School of Divinity
    Vania A. Meyer, Institutional Research
    Shelly Nordtorp-Madson, Art History
    Gloria M. Noyola, Service Center
    Judy M. Olson, Graduate School of Business
    Daniel G. Raway, Service Center
    Lisa L. Rimbey, Service Center
    Mary E. Schmidt, Campus Ministry
    Suzanne M. Schuh, Graduate School of Business
    Kathleen M. Schwartz, Development
    Randall M. Scott, Public Safety
    Heidi R. Seaton, Public Safety
    Elaine L. Streit, Food Service
    Colleen M. Striegel, Human Resources
    Linda K. Swenson, endowed chair, Business Ethics
    Augustina V. Valley, Admissions
    Richard J. Weiland, Development
    Michael J. Winter, Philosophy
    Stephen A. Wright, Physical Plant
    Peter C. Young, Graduate School of Business