Neighborhood disturbances: 3 steps you can take

If you're disturbed by excessive noise in the neighborhood -- whether from a party or a group of students either loitering or passing by -- we urge you to take immediate action.

Here are three easy steps:

  • Dial 911. The complaint will get to the Saint Paul Police Department (SPPD) computer file and elicit a police response. Report the exact address of where the disturbance is occurring or the nearest cross streets of where students appear to be hanging out. The more specific the complaint can be, the better.
  • Dial Public Safety, 651-962-5100. Make a similar report at this 24-hour number. Although Public Safety has no legal jurisdiction in the neighborhood, our officers can serve as witnesses to the event and their presence often serves to help loiterers move along.
  • Dial the Neighborhood Liaison, 651-962-6123. Neighborhood relations manager Amy Gage records all reported disturbances and reports them to landlords. Information about residents also goes to the Dean of Students office so they can educate students to be responsible, respectful neighbors.

Chronic problem properties

If you've witnessed or experienced numerous problems at a given property, contact either the neighborhood liaison or the landlord (if you have his or her information).

You may also want to inform either Union Park District Council at 651-645-6887 or Macalester-Groveland Community Council at 651-695-4000, depending on the property's location. And you can file a complaint with the Department of Safety and Inspections at 651-266-8989.

At UST, we collaborate with our district council offices, the City of St. Paul and the SPPD to ensure that properties in the city's Student Housing Overlay District are well maintained and populated by responsible student neighbors.