How to Report a Problem Rental

Immediate Disruptive Situations (loud parties) If you are experiencing an immediate disruptive situation as a result of a student party, here is a list of suggestions to help you to seek both immediate and longer term assistance:

  • When a disruptive incident occurs, dial 911. This complaint gets to the police computer file and elicits a police response. When they deal with a disruptive situation, they also notify St. Thomas Public Safety in writing. If a ticket has been issued, we then know about it and can begin to work with our students. The more specific the complaint can be, the more effective it will be. If you will keep a diary about the time and nature of events at specific houses, you'll find it to be a helpful tool.
  • Dial Public Safety's 24-hour number, 651-962-5100, and make a similar report. Though we have no jurisdiction in the neighborhood, we will respond as back up to witness the event. The police report system sometimes takes a while to generate a report for us, but if you call us we will know the next day about Public Safety's visit to a specific house and thus can respond more swiftly.
  • Call the landlord. In many cases the landlords are responsive; in some they are not. But we need to put them on notice. We have found the majority of landlords are very responsive to our calls. You also can get your neighbors to call the landlord. It helps when a landlord hears a complaint from more than one person or household.
     Amy Gage, the new St. Thomas liaison will work with you.
  • Notify your community council of your concerns about a specific rental property. Call the Union Park District Council at 651-645-6887...or the Macalester-Groveland Community Council at 651-695-4000. We often combine our efforts in working with the police on specific houses and meet regularly to talk about neighborhood issues. If we start notifying the city and the landlord about a specific list of complaints, we can begin to create a nuisance file on a particular house. Quite simply, the more agencies and people we engage, the stronger our case can be.
  • Call the City of St. Paul and let them know of your concern. You can file a complaint with the Department of Safety and Inspections at 651-266-8989. That office will direct your call to ensure proper attention.
        Let us again emphasize our willingness to help. We've found that we can be much more effective if we have more information.  The more you can help out, the better. Please don't give up on dialing 911 and by dialing Public Safety at 651-962-5100 when you note a disturbance. Official verification really helps us work in a more efficient manner.