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The office of the St. Paul neighborhood liaison offers ways for students, faculty, staff and neighbors to connect with a variety of internal and external resources. Though this Web page offers a series of links to electronic information that may be helpful, the real message I would like to convey is: Welcome to St. Thomas! I hope I can help you "connect" in the ways you think appropriate. It is my purpose to put a face on the institution, to give you a way to make personal contact with a university official. Should you have any questions, desire more in-depth information, or simply want to express a concern, do not hesitate to contact me. I will be pleased to assist you.  John Hershey, Neighborhood Liaison 651-962-6123,


St. Paul Launches Single-sort and Additional Plastics Recycling April 7


St. Paul switched to single-sort recycling, and started accepting more kinds of plastics to be recycled, on April 7. More details appear below, and for even more details about the changes in the coming weeks, go here. 

Single Sort Recycling: As of April 7, residents can put all recyclable materials into one bin - separating is no longer required!

 More Plastics Accepted: As of April 7, residents can add #1, #2, #4, #5 and #7 plastic containers to their blue bin or collection cart. This means, in addition to plastic bottles, yogurt, butter and produce containers, transparent deli and "to go" containers can also be recycled with Saint Paul's residential recycling program. 


Green Line Set to Launch June 14, 2014

The Green Line will start operations on University Avenue starting June 14 with a celebration and a weekend of free service on the entire transit system. This means free rides that weekend on the Green Line, existing bus routes, and the additional bus service that will be launched to help you connect to the Green Line - more info on that here. 

Metro Transit has been testing trains already, but the regular schedule (without passengers) will begin in April for additional testing as well as training of drivers. This will mean a lot more trains and a greater need for everyone to know the rules about safety. Be sure to learn more about safety and the Green Line here.  



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