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BA Music Business

BA Music Business

BA in Music Business

It’s an exciting time in the Music Industry. Advances in technology, and the Internet have created a world of possibility in Music Industry, and vast opportunities are available to individuals with the knowledge, skills, and drive to capitalize on them.  This is precisely what the Music Business program at The University of St. Thomas prepares you for.

Cross-disciplinary and experiential by design, the Music Business program combines courses designed to address the most current developments in the music industry including Modern Media Economics, Booking & Touring, Social Media Marketing, Copyright & Publishing, and Promotion & Publicity, with courses in Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Opus College of Business.  Together with a world class Music and Liberal Arts Core, and Internship opportunities, with Record Labels, Radio Stations, Recording Studios, Booking Agencies, Concert Venues, and Industry Publications, the Music Business program at the University of St. Thomas truly prepares students to thrive as leaders of change in the evolving Business of Music & Entertainment.

Check out the music business brochure for additional information.

Degree requirements

  • MUSC 001 Student Convocation Hour (6 semesters) (0 cr.)
  • MUSC 101 Piano Skills I (1 cr.)
  • MUSC 102 Piano Skills II (1 cr.)
  • MUSC 113 Music Theory I (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 114 Music Theory II (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 133 Music of the United States: Aural and Written Traditions (2 cr.)
  • MUSC 140 Music Media (2 cr.)
  • MUSC 160 Introduction to Music Business (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 231 Introduction to Conducting (1 cr.)
  • MUSC 233 Music of the World: Aural and Written Traditions (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 260 Fundamentals of Musianship in Popular Music (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 360 History of Music Industry and Music Careers (4 cr.)
  • MUSC 480 Music Business Seminar (4 cr.)
  • MUSN 1xx Six semesters of ensemble participation (0 cr.)
  • MUSP 2xx Six semesters of performance studies in the same performance medium (1 credit per semester)
  • MUSR 200 Piano Proficiency (0 cr.)
  • MUSR 270 Level I Recital (0 cr.)
  • MUSR 350 Level II Recital (0 cr.)

Allied Requirements

  • ECON 252 Priciples of Microeconomics (4 cr.) [Social Analysis Core]
  • PHYS 105 Music Acoustics (4 cr.) [Lab Science Core]
  • IDSC 475-77 Experiential Learning: Music Business Internship (2-4 cr.)

Business Requirements

  • ACCT 210 Introduction to Financial Accounting (4 cr.)
  • BUSN 200 Business Learning Through Service (0 cr.)
  • FINC 300 Finance for Non-Business Majors (4 cr.)
  • MKTG 300 Principles of Marketing (4 cr.)
  • MGMT 305 Management and Organizational Behavior (4 cr.)
  • Other electives, for example Advance Accounting, are optional

Plus One of the Following

  • ENTR 300 Entrepreneurship for Non-Business Majors (4 cr.)
  • BLAW 301 Legal Environments of Business (4 cr.)
  • BETH 301 Business Ethics (4 cr.)